Ha noi: It is forbidden to build houses adjacent to Ring Road 3

People’s Committee of Hanoi has issued Decision No. 7706 / QD-UBND approving the project of Urban Design on the two sides of Ring Road No.3, scale of 1/500 (section of Khuat Duy Tien street – Nguyen Xien street).

The above decision does not require further division of land lots, in which the area adjacent to Ring Road No 3 is not arranged more adjacent houses compared to the current status. The low-rise residential area encourages the consolidation of the site, building blocks to create a larger, more uniform architectural space on the street.

The two sides of the route change the rhythm according to the different nodes, there are openings are parks, urban flower gardens, open space functional areas, backward construction works on both sides of the route.

It is forbidden to build houses adjacent to Ring Road 3

It is forbidden to build houses adjacent to Ring Road 3

Division of design route into 5 areas including: Trung Hoa node; Khuat Duy Tien street; Thanh Xuan Button; Nguyen Xien Street; The Ton That Tung button lasts.

For Trung Hoa node and Khuat Duy Tien street, there will be office and residential activities, limited operation and direct use of Trung Hoa intersection.

For Xuan Xuan encouraging mixed trade mainstreaming, combining to take advantage of urban railway stations in the area. Thanh Xuan Button is designed with the characteristics of development space in clusters of high-rise buildings, in which the highlight works 45-50 floors.

For Nguyen Xien section encourages housing activities. To limit the exploitation and use directly from the works to the roads to reduce the load on the belt road 3. This route is characterized by the works of development along lines and areas; High-rise buildings with average floor area of ​​25-30 storeys.

Urban Design Two side of Ring Road 3

Urban Design Two side of Ring Road 3, 1/500 scale of Khuat Duy Tien – Nguyen Xien Street section.

For the Ton That Tung button, there is a 35-storey high-rise building, the buildings around an average of 20 storeys; The headquarters of the Court, Procuracy of Hanoi City 5-7 floors combined the backward space, garden space to create open space for intersections.

According to Decision 7706, the architecture of new constructions must be modern, combining green architecture, suitable with the microclimatic characteristics of the Hanoi area and to limit the impact of the environmental impact of the route. Highway. Do not build the old style of architecture, not the time of construction work.

Encourage the block base works, interconnected floor and underground operations to serve the service, continuous traffic. The language and mass ratio of adjacent works must have a harmonious or positive connection, avoiding contradiction.

The combination of works highlighted at the intersection of Trung Hoa, Thanh Xuan, Ton That Tung lengthen the need to organize large open spaces, works are in harmony with the overall architecture, combining design solutions architecture is suitable for micro climate, energy saving … create space friendly and associated with the surrounding landscape architectural space.

The adjacent house project identifies the façade unified with each section of the route, with some models, high floors, roofs and unified colors in a row of houses, along with the form of architecture, finishing materials must suit with the common space and the use of the works.

For areas where the works have been constructed, such as the current situation, they must be renovated or embellished with architectures in order to suit the general situation. When constructing new works, it is necessary to ensure the height, construction boundaries and instructions on the architectural façade as prescribed in the approved urban design.

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For public works and non-housing works: When building or renovating works and architecture in the direction of simple modernity, avoiding works with detailed details. , do not use large reflective glass; The main color is bright, ensuring harmony with the landscape architecture of the area, restrict the use of colors that cause disgust for the whole street.

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