Ha Noi WithDrew 148 Villas Out Of The Management Category

Mr. Le Van Duc, director of the Hanoi Department of Construction, has admitted to loosing villa management and said he would withdraw 148 villas from the management list.

At the meeting on July 4, the fourth session, Hanoi People’s Council, XV session discussed and passed the resolution on adjusting the list of villas issued together with Resolution No. 18 and Resolution No. 24 of the City People’s Council.

According to the report of the City People’s Committee presented by the Director of the Construction Department Le Van Duc, the direction of the City Council to review, adjust the list of villas, The Department of Construction and Interagency Task Force have focused on reviewing the status quo, photographing all the villas mentioned in the two above-mentioned resolutions.

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After collating the field with existing records, the two inter-ministerial working groups of the City agreed as : A number of villas in the list of villas represented as townhouses, houses of architectural value; Some of the mansions have been demolished, building new buildings through previous periods; Some villa addresses are not available in reality, some villas located on the corner of the street carry two number plates but in the list of villas, there are 22 separate villas.

Ha Noi Villa

Old French villas exist for hundreds of years

Since then, the City People’s Committee proposes to adjust the list of 970 villas in Resolution 18 in the direction: put 20 villas out of the list and identify as architectural house; Put 2 villas out of the list and identify as townhouses; Put 3 villas out of the list because of statistics twice; Adjusted 22 villas into 29 villas (increase 7 villas due to the former has 2 separate twin villas but joined some houses); adjust the address of 51 villas; Identified 123 demolished villas and are now vacant or renovated land rebuilt into tall buildings …

Thus, after adjustment, the list of 970 villas of Resolution No. 18 will be 853 villas.

With the list of 225 villas in Resolution No. 24, the City People’s Committee proposed to put 3 villas out of the list and identified as an architectural house; Adjusted from 9 villas to 5 villas, the former has two houses numbered into two villas; the Adjusted address of 11 villas. After adjusting, this list has 218 villas.

In the examination report of the City People’s Council, two boards, namely the Legislation and the Urban Board, that the revision of the list, correct errors and additions of new villas and removed from the list of villas that have been demolished, construction of other works, no longer is the villa to City People’s Council decision of the City People’s Committee is competent and necessary.

To get more information for the City Council to decide about 123 villas listed in Resolution 18 dismantled, some of which were newly built, some are empty cells, The two committees proposed the City People’s Committee to report more clearly on the shortcomings, causes and responsibilities of agencies and units in the management of villas over time and solutions.

Ha Noi Villa

The villa was withdrawn from the management list

In the supplementary report after the examination, Hanoi People’s Committee continue to request the City Council to 24 villas which have not documented evidence has been authorized by the competent authority to dismantle, Approve the project or license construction out of the list of villas under Resolution 18 and manage according to the planning with villas without construction permits and the empty plots after the villa was demolished. Thus, the villa list attached to Resolution 18 after the adjustment is 829 villas.

Meanwhile, Nguyen Hoai Nam, Chairman of the Legislation – People’s Council of Ho Chi Minh City, said that the appraisal report of the City People’s Council asked the People’s Committee to clarify the shortcomings, deficiencies, causes and responsibilities of the agencies. , Units in the management of villas over time, solutions, corrective measures. However, in the response report of the City People’s Committee did not see this content.

“If we can easily pass today’s resolutions, tomorrow will continue to withdraw the villas out of the list, I hope City Council Chairman committed to this People’s Council by the previous leaders. Some of the leaders of the district departments have not yet responsible for the occurrence of the demolition of the villas listed. President committed to helping delegates to be peace of mind when pressing the button “- Nguyen Hoai Nam said.

According to Mr. Nam, in the 123 villas, there are nearly 70 villas that are available before the Resolution and there are things to do at the request of the government agencies that the Government, The city agrees that nearly 50 are left because we do not manage well. “I really want this time to not lose anymore,” Mr. Nam said.

On behalf of the City People’s Committee, Vice Chairman Nguyen The Hung asserted, villas with Hanoi are very valuable constructions heritage, especially in the historical metropolitan area.

Hung said, after 1954, all villas were put into management and use, but many users are not used properly functioning. By 2007, the new government had a management degree; later, the Ministry of Construction issued circular guiding some related issues.

“This area is the responsibility of the City People’s Committee in exercising its vested authority. With the adjustment today, the City People’s Committee continues to determine the responsibility to manage the list well after adjusting, investment and renovation of these villas in accordance with the regulations, “Vice President Hung committed.

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