Ha Tinh – Thanh Hoa – Nha Trang – Vincity Apartment

Vincity apartment project in Ha Tinh – Thanh Hoa – Nha Trang – the low price of only $30.435 to attract customers in the central.

Real estate investors and people are flocking attention to the latest project of VinGroup’s “big brother” VinCity Cheap Apartments. Following the great success of branding through the large projects of Vinhomes and Vinpearl, the leading real estate group in Vietnam has continued to implement a new national project with the desire to bring to the people with better life at a lower price.

Participating in this segment of affordable housing, VinGroup expresses the difference with the modern closed-loop compound of the VinGroup brand, but the price is not too expensive to make a VinCity that customers can fully trust on the quality of the apartment they choose to live in.

With the strategy of “increasing presence, filling vacancies” in places where other enterprise have not yet arrived, VinGroup carried out the VinCity project with the first trial in seven provinces across the country: Ha Noi, Ho Chi Minh City, Hung Yen … And especially, the presence of VinCity in Central Vietnam in Ha Tinh, Nha Trang and Thanh Hoa will boost the real estate market in these areas faster and faster. With the announcement of the construction of the earliest VinCity in Ha Tinh and Nha Trang in early 2017, VinGroup’s favor with this land of Central Vietnam was revealed.

VinCity Ha Tinh pioneered world class project

Economic growth rate is quite impressive over the years with the advantages of land resource, Ha Tinh is a key area where VinGroup has been aimed. With the fact that from 2015, VinGroup has commenced construction in the center of Ha Tinh city, Visncom Ha Tinh complex with the scale of up to 57,000 sqm, becoming the first high-end complex in this province. Then, in 2016, VinGroup will invest in a luxury five-star resort project – Vinpearl Cua Son with a total investment capital of more than $13,043,478,260.

With the desire to contribute to create a better civilized life for people here, Vingroup will start construction of the first real estate product VinCity in the center of Ha Tinh city with synchronization utility translation and class.

According to the plan, Ha Tinh Vincity apartment project is planned with a construction density of about 20-25% including the towers with the height 20-25 storeys. The apartment area is also varied from 35-90 sqm divided from 1 to 3 bedrooms to fit many customers.

Along with the investment in synchronous utility as well as high-class luxury design, VinCity will bring good life to your family.

And about the price of Vinite Ha Tinh apartment is estimated at $19.565 / unit, when the land price is low, the apartment is also cheap.

Developing the VinCity brand name in Ha Tinh is not only a business investment strategy of the corporation, but also means the contribution of Mr. Pham Nhat Vuong – Chairman of VinGroup to his hometown. The presence of VinCity will certainly create new attraction for the Ha Tinh real estate market and bring new opportunities, new living spaces and new civilization for the people here.

VinCity Thanh Hoa – A new wind for the Thanh Hoa real estate market

With the province having large area with large population, the economy is on the momentum of development and high demand for housing, Thanh Hoa is one of the next localities that VinGroup “favors” to build VinCity.

This is the next project of Vingroup in this province, after two major projects are the office building project of Thanh Hoa City Party Committee – People’s Council – People’s Committee with the total investment capital of $28,913,044 and Hotel Project 5 star Vinpearl and Vincom Plaza Shopping Center Thanh Hoa. Launched in mid-2016 at a rapid pace and located in the prime locations of Thanh Hoa City, this will create a good effect and a sure stepping stone for Thanh Hoa VinCity’s appearance.

Project overview of Thanh Hoa VinCity project:

– Location: the center of Thanh Hoa city, the intersection of many arterial routes to facilitate the movement of VinCity residents in the future. This is considered to be the prime location of the project.

– Height of each building: 22 to 25 floors

– Construction model: complex of apartments, commercial center Vincom, townhouses and utilities…

– Form of ownership: permanent red book

– Commencement: expected in early 2017

Towards middle-income customers who still enjoy living space, full facilities, Apartment VinCity Thanh Hoa will be extremely attractive and suitable for the market place here and there will be no big difference with neighboring province of VinCity Ha Tinh with the lowest price of § 19.565 / unit.

 VinCity Thanh Hoa will certainly create a new wave in the real estate market as well as create conditions for residents to make another perfect choice for finding housing.

Vincity Thanh Hoa

Simulation project Thanh Hoa Vincony apartment

VinCity Nha Trang – A new option for your family

After the success of Vinpearl Nha Trang and Vinpearl Condotel Nha Trang, VinGroup continues to deploy Vincom’s Nha Trang real estate project in the center of the city with the size of 50 to 150 ha with each 22- 25 floors to provide about 3000 apartments with flexible design, in harmony with the landscape space for this very hot market.

Vincity Nha Trang cheap apartments are located in a beautiful position, Nha Trang beach green promises to bring life to the experience for all customers. Vincity Nha Trang offers a great opportunity to own a fully furnished apartment with professional services at reasonable prices with the owner’s attractive selling policy. Nha Trang VinCity apartments are priced at $30.435/ unit or lower if land prices are negotiated at low levels.

It will also be built in a closed complex model of high-end amenities like Vinhomes brand, VinCity promises to create a distinct value compared to other apartment projects of the same value in the market.

With Nha Trang’s tourism industry growing and attracting a large number of tourists each year, this will be one of the great potentials for the development of Nha Trang VinCity apartment.

Vincity Nha Trang

Simulate Vincity Apartment Nha Trang

And VinCity Nha Trang apartment project will be built in early 2017.

View detail information of Vincity District 9 here:https://realestatevietnam.com.vn/properties/vincity-grand-park-apartment-in-district-9-ho-chi-minh-city/

Read more news information at: Vietnam Real Estate News

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