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Hanoi Construction Department: Can Retain The Ground Floor Of The Old Villa

old villa

The collapsed house belongs to villa group 2, must be preserved. The inspection agency will decide whether to keep or break.

Relocation of villa 107 Tran Hung Dao collapsed, afternoon 23-9, exchanged with Ho Chi Minh City law, Mr. Hoang Tu – Head of Department 61 / CP Hanoi Department of Construction said: Villa group 2, must be preserved. Conservation in the sense that if it is dangerous, it can be destroyed, rebuilt as it was originally.

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“House 107 is a French construction, walls are very thick. If a home is dangerous (group D, group C), it can be rebuilt. In the case of inspection that the first floor is still good, only maintenance, maintenance of this section, the second floor collapsed, then rebuilt. “Mr. Tu said.

old villa
The estate department of her grandparents donated more than 5,000 gold for the House

Mr. Tu said that in the collapse of this house, the main responsibility is still the user, this is the most important. Owners, owners and users shall have to periodically maintain their houses. If they are not the owner, they must inform the owner when they are using the abnormality. It is important for the user to use the key.

“To know the house is in danger of collapse, the inspection body must go to examine “, Mr. Tu said.

According to Mr. Tu, the houses built before 1954 now belong to the old house, degraded. To identify risk A, B, C, D, there must be an inspection unit. If the house belongs to group C, D is dangerous; Type A, B is normal.

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“Often, owners and owners use their home as their” home “. There are also cases where public agencies see dangerous condominiums, still employing accrediting agencies to have appropriate behavior, “he said.

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