Hanoi Mini Apartment: It Is Difficult To Buy And Sell, But When Renting Is Hot

Legal difficulties caused the purchase of Hanoi mini apartment has become difficult, but the lease is quite busy.

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We may still remember the Hanoi mini apartment condominium in 2010 – 2011 when a series of projects started and quickly fired up after the sale. Even sometimes, the price of a mini apartment can be up to VND800 million but still welcome customers. From the second half of 2012 onwards, this fever began to settle down, the mini apartment officially entered the recession, falling price, poor customer buy.

However, in the past few years, the segment has begun to heat up, but it is not the case with buying and selling but mainly in leasing. What causes the rise of this segment of housing?

Hanoi Mini Apartment

Hanoi mini apartment for rent suddenly rose

Pink book blind, buy and sell mini apartment difficult

The small size, reasonable price is suitable for small families or young couples, this is the reason that Hanoi mini apartment becomes “famous” only after a very short time. However, when buying a mini apartment building, people discovered the restriction acceptable to this type of housing, which is the issue of the pink book.

Many people still remember the story of buying a home for six years is still not granted a pink book, money spent to buy a home is real, the loan is real, the monthly interest payments are real, but the buyer must Stay in a house, not yours. They have no legal proof of their right to use the property. Because there are no roses, when there is no need to use them, they can not sell the house.

Hanoi Mini Apartment

Pink book became a hindrance to the development of mini apartment

That is when the mini apartment is not recognized as a type of housing. In the Decree No. 71/2010 / ND-CP dated 27/6/2010 of the Government, the standards of the mini apartment was mentioned. Clause 5 of Article 43 of Decree No. 71/2010 / ND-CP also mentioned the granting of ownership certificates for mini apartments. However many years have passed, many owners of Hanoi mini apartment still do not know how rosy.

Renting cheap mini condominiums is still very hot

Drowsiness of ownership makes the buyer no longer salty, but with the mini apartment anymore, those who go after investment fall into the situation “the buffalo slow to drink turbid water”, the house was finished but not sold, lie there waiting.

Then in the recent few years, Hanoi mini apartment for rent suddenly rose, with the role of a real apartment rental. Renters no longer revolve around newlyweds or unskilled laborers. The low-cost tenants in Hanoi nowadays are mostly provincial students.

Hanoi Mini Apartment

Students become the main object of Hanoi mini apartment

The cause may be due to an increase in the standard of living of the children. Besides, if the price of rent a bad room, Hanoi mini apartment for rent is not more expensive than the bag. With the price of VND2.5 – 4 million per month for 2-3 persons per room, plus the convenience and safety of mini apartment, obviously, this type of housing is taking advantage of more than the average motel.

However, the regulations on the quality of Hanoi mini apartment is not really guaranteed that many apartments only branded not worthy of the name “mini apartment”. When renting, consider carefully before deciding.

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