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Hanoi real estate sales – Supply fell, demand increased

Option to buy real estate in accordance with price segment

The demand for cheap apartments in Hanoi increases when people’s lives are still difficult. Meanwhile, the situation of buying and selling houses in Hanoi Demand decreased sharply.

According to a survey of more than 30,000 offers for sale and lease of housing in Hanoi on Good Market, real estate market (real estate) in Q3 / 2017 has reduced supply after a spike in the second quarter, while selling prices increased However, the search volume increased by 40%. Join to find out more about this issue.

Real estate for sale – demand increased 40% and supply decreased 15%

Every year, the real estate market tends to pause in supply in “month”, affecting the growth of the quarter. However, “commodity custom” only reflects a part of the supply in Q3 / 2017, while the volume of purchases is up to 40% by looking for housing to settle, or to top Private consumption is still the most “hot” when the calendar year near the end. In particular, the leading search volume of real estate are 3 districts: Hai Ba Trung, Ha Dong and Hoang Mai.

Situation of buying and selling real estate

In the third quarter of the year, Hanoi’s average land area was 51sqm with an average selling price of VND4.4 billion / unit. While in the suburbs, prices dropped by an average of 13%, while in the central area a slight increase of 1%, in the Hoang Mai district increased by 23%.

In the center of the capital is still the most expensive area with the price equivalent to the previous quarter is VND119 million / sqm. Therefore, buying cheap Hanoi apartment in this area is quite difficult. Specifically, Dong Da District had the highest bid in this area while the supply decreased by 15%. Away from the suburbs, Soc Son district has the lowest average selling price in the capital, at an average of VND3.1million / sqm and supply has also fallen by 17%.

Ha Noi House for sale: Hoang Mai District: “star” of land for sale in the third quarter

Real estate in Hanoi

Real estate market in the third quarter continued to witness the development of the mid-priced residential segment (VND 2 billion – under VND3 billion), of which Hoang Mai is a typical “star” when it owns the growth rate Selling prices increased by 23% compared to second quarter at VND 88 million / square meter, while Hoang Mai District was the top buyer (14%).

Why is buying and selling land here is the highest purchase?

This is quite understandable, because Hoang Mai district owns the advantage of “life line” connecting Hanoi with many provinces in the North, at the same time has been the Department of Planning and Architecture of Hanoi and the Hanoi People’s Committee decided Construction of a road linking the district center to the Red River

Option to buy real estate in accordance with price segment

Still in the metropolitan area, Ha Dong District has a high search volume. This place is in the top 2 but with a soft price of VND66million / sqm, a slight increase (2%) compared with the second quarter. Going north not far from Tu Liem North is also considered as the suitable choice of medium price segment with price VND52million / sqm for real estate investors to choose, the competitive price over the previous quarter decreased by 10% compared to the second quarter.

Option to buy real estate in accordance with price segment
Option to buy real estate in accordance with price segment

High budget should choose how to buy housing?

If the budget is high, homebuyers can buy in Dong Da and Thanh Xuan districts. This is where the selling price is maintained at 119tr / m2 and 85tr / m2, respectively. It can be said that these two districts are always the outstanding choice of high-end buyers, not the type of cheap apartments in Hanoi.

What about the budget soft?

On the other hand, with a soft budget, the solution for you is Hoai Duc district and Dong Anh district. These are two options that are suitable for close proximity to the central districts of Tu Liem and Tay Ho, with a price of VND32 million / sqm in Hoai Duc district and VND18 million / sqm in Dong Anh district.

Real estate model?

With separate rental housing, as in the previous quarter, the ideal choice is the district is invested transportation system convenient, easy to go to the center of the capital and comfortable rent rates as in Hoang Mai District in Northern Tu Liem and Nam Tu Liem.

Real estate model
Real estate model

Specifically: Type of rental housing with 1-2 bedrooms is the choice of the majority in this area for only VND4.2 million / month. Next, there are 3 to 4 rooms with moderate price of VND 7 million / month.

Note: The price in this article reflects the average sale and rental price of over 30,000 classified ads, not reflecting the final price of the current property.

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Hanoi real estate sales – Supply fell, demand increased

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