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Hanoi will take ‘super thin, super small’ houses for public purposes

Hanoi will take 'super thin, super small' houses for public purposes

The Hanoi People’s Committee has just issued a document on the handling of cases where houses and land do not meet the conditions for construction sites arising from the paving the way under the planning before 2005.

Specifically, the City People’s Committee approved in principle with the proposal of the Department of Construction in Document No. 79 / BC-SXD on March 29, 1818 on the handling, recovery of ineligible cases exist, causing Offensive to serve public purposes.

In parallel with that, the city also required to keep the status quo, the architecture block with vertical and adjacent works or licensed conditional to ensure safety, not cause aversion to the case of construction It is surrounded by the surrounding buildings, which people renovate and refurbish themselves on the basis of the former status quo and the works where the people live and live for many years.

In addition, the City People’s Committee. Hanoi requests the People’s Committees of districts, towns to urgently compile dossiers of withdrawal and serve for public purposes in cases where conditions are not satisfied (areas under 15sqm but not with other In cases where the consolidation and integration is not completed within 30 days, it shall promptly adopt measures to propagate and mobilize the people to do so.

At the same time, the Chairman of the People’s Committee of districts, towns and cities is responsible to the Chairman of the City People’s Committee for the existence or the occurrence of super-thin cases, hyper distortion on the roads in the area of ​​management.

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To closely coordinate with the departments and branches in timely solving problems arising in the locality in the course of performing the land management, architectural planning, construction licensing and construction order management. , handle cases of inadequate construction ground.

Hanoi will take 'super thin, super small' houses for public purposes
A total of 132 houses “super thin, hyper distortion” exist over 13 years in Hanoi.

Earlier, at the interrogation in the 5th session, the City People’s Council. Hanoi, the director of the Department of Construction affirmed that 132 houses “super thin, distorted” over 13 years in Hanoi will be submitted to the People’s Committee of the city to solve the solution in the first quarter 2018.

In particular, the progress also indicated in the first quarter 2018, the Department of Construction will advise resolve resolutely 132 definite works.

However, many old cases have been left untreated and new cases have emerged on newly opened roads.

For example, in Ring Road 1 (from Dong Mar to Nguyen Khoai), Ring Road 2 (Nhat Tan – Xuan La – Buoi – Cau Giay) has many deformed houses. Remarkably, at Hoang Cau street (Dong Da district), number 66 only has an area of ​​nearly 20m2, triangular shape, 2 storeys high, but is continuing to renovate, repair and build more stairs.

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