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Hau Giang called to build 7 bridges welfare BOT

Phu Huu Bridge

Seven people’s demand for investment with nearly VND314 billion is being called Hau Giang BOT.

The People’s Committee of Hau Giang province has approved the proposal for seven residential bridges in the province in the form of a BOT contract with a total investment of nearly VND314 billion.

Seven projects include: Residential Bridge Project Ward 7, Vi Thanh; Tu Sang People’s Commune, Vi Thanh Town; Bay Ngan people’s living bridge, Chau Thanh A district; 13 Ba Ba Ngan Bridge, provincial road 926, Vi Thuy district; Lai Hieu People’s Hospital, Provincial Road 928, Nga Bay Town; Dong Phuoc Bridge, Chau Thanh District; bridge through Quan Lo-Phung Hiep Canal, Bung Tau town, Phung Hiep district. Total estimated investment for seven projects is more than VND313 billion.

Phu Huu Bridge
Phu Huu Bridge, the first living bridge in Hau Giang in the form of BOT.

Accordingly, the projects are implemented in the form of Build-Operate-Transfer (BOT) contracts. The duration of the project contract for the investor to collect fees is expected to be 22-35 years depending on the project. The implementation period is from 2018-2019.

According to the provincial People’s Committee, the projects are designed to serve the needs of the people, contributing to the completion of Hau Giang’s traffic planning and socio-economic development.

The provincial People’s Committee assigns the Department of Transportation as the lead agency in preparing, negotiating, signing, managing and implementing the project contract with investors and settling issues arising in the course of implementation. Project. As the party calling for tenders, the organization shall select the investor to implement the project according to regulations. Information from Hau Giang Department of Transportation, the unit is preparing to submit to the provincial People’s Committee for approval of bidding documents. Expected in mid June 2018  to be completed in order to organize the bidding.

The winning bidder of the BOT project is responsible for paying expenses to the units conducting investment preparation work and other relevant expenses as prescribed. Investor advance compensation for site clearance and resettlement.

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Hau Giang called to build 7 bridges welfare BOT

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