HCM can build 10,000 houses with the price of VND 100 million

With the current land fund, the city can do 10,000 houses with an area of ​​30 m2, priced from 100-200 million as the model of Binh Duong, reports of Ho Chi Minh City of Real Estate Association  (HoREA).

At least 8,000 households in HCMC needs social housing

According to a survey by the Department of Construction, the Institute of Development Studies said that the city has about 500,000 households have no house, about 81,000 households need social housing in the period 2016 – 2020. In the contingent of civil servants about 139,000 no housing, demand about 80,000 apartments. Of the total number of over 402,000 workers, 284,000 people (70.6%) are required to rent rooms or boarding houses.

HCM is planning to develop a house of VND100 million under Binh Duong model

HCM is planning to develop a house of VND100 million under Binh Duong model

According to the plan of social development of the Department of Construction, from now to 2020, the city developed 39 projects with a scale of 45,000 apartments. It is expected to complete 30,000 units by 2020, of which 60% will be used to sell long-term installments.

Firstly, in 2017, the city will complete four social housing projects with a total of 1,654 apartments including: Hanh Phuc apartment (672 apartments), apartment 15, Tan Binh district (168 Apartment building 35 Ho Hoc Lam, Binh Tan District (718 apartments), housing area of ​​cadres of the armed forces of Military Region 7 in Tan Chanh Hiep Ward, District 12 (96 apartments).

HoREA said TP. HCM can still make 30sqm social apartment (20sqm floor and 10sqmmezzanine) with price from VND 100-200 million / unit in some areas with the same conditions as Binh Duong province as The transportation infrastructure system, along with the industrial parks and workplaces, has a number of facilities, services and a strong geological foundation.

The areas planned by HoREA can be used to adjust the master plan to save VND100 million for development of the current VND100 million housing development project in Linh Trung I, II and III Export Processing Zones (totaling 326 hectares) (913 hectares), Quang Trung Software Park (43 hectares), National University of Ho Chi Minh City (647 hectares, about 2/3 of Binh Duong).

Particularly, Hiep Phuoc seaport industrial zone (3.600 ha) has favorable conditions on land fund. However, due to weak land base, infrastructure system and services are not fully developed. higher. Tan Thuan Export Processing Zone (320 ha) has also adjusted the plan and assigned Sadeco Company to develop a social housing project to serve the workers and laborers of the export processing zone.

HCM can build 10,000 houses with the price of VND 100 million

HCM can build 10,000 houses with the price of VND 100 million

“With the land fund mentioned above, it is possible to make about 10,000 units of social housing of 30m2 with the selling price of VND100 – 200 million / unit,” HoREA affirmed. However, the association said that only about 10,000 people will buy this type of house, equivalent to 1% of the current demand. Therefore, in the immediate future, it is necessary to encourage the building of social houses for rent.

In the long run, HoREA said that to promote the development of social housing should continue to expand the land fund. For example, the land bank in Le Minh Xuan, Pham Van Hai (Binh Chanh), Pham Van Coi, dairy farms (Cu Chi district), Lang Le farm, Tam Tan farm about 8,885 hectares.

In addition, there is a land fund for farms in Can Gio District and some land areas reserved for the city’s stockpiles can be considered for planning adjustments to cover part of the development of social housing.

In addition, the public land fund is making factories to produce pollution in the districts to be relocated; Public land funds for equitization or divestment if they are auctions, tenders and mechanisms, can mobilize a great deal of resources to create a land fund to develop the social housing of the city..

HoREA also said that the city should encourage socialization and mobilize businesses to develop social housing. In fact, there have been private enterprises using land fund to develop social housing projects such as Thu Thiem, Hoang Quan, Nam Long and so on. Especially long-term social housing projects of Le Thanh Company (small area and cheap rent).

Evaluating the model of VND100 million in Binh Duong, HoREA said that the province has more favorable conditions for reconstruction than the city. HCM. For example, in terms of geology, Binh Duong has a fairly solid foundation, with just a single nail for construction, only a few for short piles with low cost.

In addition, the cost of site clearance, the cost of connecting roads, the cost of building water and electricity supply systems, social infrastructure and services (such as schools, hospitals …) Becamex Corporation invested 100% construction, not distributed into the price of apartments.

Meanwhile, in TP. Most of the city’s area is located on soft soil, so the cost of construction will be increased. If the development of social housing in areas with strong geological conditions such as District 12, Hoc Mon district, Cu Chi district, the real cost of investment to support technical infrastructure, Great social infrastructure.

Therefore, HoREA recommends focusing on developing social housing in Thu Duc district, district 9, district 12, Go Vap district, Hoc Mon district, Binh Chanh district, or in new urban areas. South Saigon. In the longer term, it is possible to further develop Cu Chi district, and in the area of ​​Binh Khanh commune, Can Gio district.

As for the strategy, “if we want to reduce the cost of social housing, it is necessary to invest large projects, scale from about 50 hectares or more, combined with cheap commercial housing projects to form New urban areas are full of utilities, “HoREA said.

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