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HCM City Spent More Than VND 3,000 Billion To Build Binh Tien Bridge Linking The South

build Binh Tien Bridge linking the South

Accordingly, the project is divided into 2 segments by 4 investors. Specifically, the section from Pham Van Chi Road, District 6 to Ta Quang Buu Street, District 8 by the Association of Commercial Construction Services East Mekong Construction Company and 319 Corporation.

This section will build a bridge over the Tau Hu Canal, the Double Canal with a total capital of VND 2.605 billion, of which compensation for land clearance is VND 925 billion.

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Because the project is invested in the form of BT (build-transfer), the HCM City government allows investors to pay 40% of the cost of implementing the project by exploiting the land in Ward 6, Ward 14, Ward 15 (District 8) and another land if it is not balanced, the remaining 60% is from the city budget.

build Binh Tien Bridge linking the South
The Binh Tien Bridge section from Ta Quang Buu to Nguyen Van Linh will extend to nearly 1.9km

The second section from Ta Quang Buu Street (District 8) to Nguyen Van Linh Street (Binh Chanh District) with a length of nearly 1.9 km will be jointly signed by Licogi 16 Joint Stock Company and Binh Construction Investment Joint Stock Company Chief investment with a total capital of VND 903.6 billion, of which clearance of about VND 200 billion. This section investors recover capital in the form of exploiting the land along Binh Tien Road bridge and some other land.

It is known that Binh Tien Bridge Road Project, approved by the Prime Minister, authorizes Ho Chi Minh City to decide on investors in 2010. However, it is difficult to allocate budget for site clearance and create a land fund to pay for investors so the project cannot be implemented.

According to the design, the Binh Tien bridge (including the path) has a length of about 3,200 m, width 30-40 m, with 4 lanes on the main line and the two sides. The first point connects to Pham Van Chi Street, District 6, across East-West Boulevard, Tau Hu Canal, Doi Canal (District 8) and the end point of Nguyen Van Linh Street, approximately 600 meters towards Ba Lon bridge in Binh Chanh District.

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