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HCM real estate market is bustling for subdivision the land after decision 60

Ground land at District 9

HCMC property market will be decided 60 to influence

In the old regulations, the land area of ​​more than 2,000 sqm must be the project of 1/500. And it is not allowed to divide the background. Meanwhile, recently when the 60th decree of Ho Chi Minh City People’s Committee officially came into force, this regulation was abolished.

This has led to concerns about land allocation in the city. Once this situation explodes, surely the urban beauty of the city will be greatly affected.

HCMC property market will be decided 60 to influence
HCMC property market will be decided 60 to influence

Coming to the “paradise” subdivision of the land of Ho Chi Minh City

District 9 is known by investors as the “paradise” subdivision of land in Ho Chi Minh City. If you go to District 9, in every corner, where any leftover land is definitely divided.

Even the land of industrial zones or agricultural land is still classified. They were even converted into residential land for sale.

Mr. Hung – a longtime land broker who lives in District 9, leads us to Lo Lu Street. The alleged “navel” of this district in subdivision activities. On the road only about 7km, all of them are almost completely divided with about 20 lots of land.

Along Nguyen Duy Trinh road, on both sides of the road has been classified all. There is no drum piece left. Therefore, to continue the cutting operation, sawing the brokers and the “heads” have to go deep inside. Creepers and roads, small alleys. Mr. Hung said: “District 9 at this time where the vacant land is there will be divided.” Because, according to Mr. Hung thanks to subdivision that the “stork” land here is in bumper harvest.

As the Hung said, somewhere in the area of ​​this area also presence of earthen storks. And people from the motorbike taxi to sell sugar cane, … also became a stork … They rowed and greet new customers in the day without fear of law.

Ground land at District 9
Ground land at District 9 is currently no longer a large piece of land without being subdivided

Previously, with Decision 19 and Decision 33, the land area of ​​over 2,000 m2 must be made of 1/500 project. According to this regulation, the minimum area of ​​a parcel of land shall be 80sqm, the width of the frontage shall be at least 5m and the land area of ​​the house is not yet available. For residential land, the minimum land area is 50sqm and the width must be at least 4m.

In spite of the law, the owners of the land have separated large pieces of land into small land plots with an area of ​​over 2,000 sqm. Then please go through the infrastructure and subdivision for sale.

Besides, they built temporary houses on 50sqm land. The purpose is to separate the land in the area of ​​the house has been separated to be smaller. Because if there is no home, the separation area of ​​at least 80sqm.

“The smaller the plot, the easier it is to sell and the higher. However, not everyone can allocate and ask the project to pass. These are big men and have “help” from the government, “Hung said.

There may be a breakdown of land plots in this area

General Director of Vietnam Real Estate Corporation (VNG Real) – Mr. Dinh Duy Trinh said. There are many times defined the separation of residential land, area of ​​2,000 m2 or more. Then it is necessary to formulate a 1/500 project that is allowed to be separated and considered and included in the draft.

But until Decision 60 officially came into force in lieu of Decision 33, these drafts almost disappeared.

Current regulations of the law do not have this regulation related to the minimum area required to formulate the project. So, the land area of ​​several thousand square meters can also be divided ground plots for sale.

Similarly, the leader of a land registration office in the area admitted. When the regulations require the establishment of a 1/500 project with an area of ​​over 2,000 m2 no longer effective. Surely the status quo plot will boom not only in District 9 but also in the city, especially in the suburbs.

The leader also predicted: “If not quickly have the documents to guide the infrastructure in the subdivision. The time to subdivide land sales will not be long. Then the ground price will be blown up. The first is that no one else is the people. Because, the state is investing money to build schools, hospitals, roads, electricity, water, parks, etc. for these sites. But huge profits flow to a few individuals.

Director of Natural Resources and Environment, Nguyen Toan Thang explained. The current law does not explicitly stipulate how much land will be separated. But according to the results of the survey in the districts, of course, any large plot will be separated by the traders.

The subjects have taken advantage of state policies to benefit themselves. This activity not only makes it difficult to manage the city’s land. It also affects the people, to the welfare, social works, …

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