HCMC: 1 year of fire more than 1,000 cases, killing 26 people

Report of the Association of Real Estate HCM (HoREA) said in 2017, in the city. There were 1,700 firefighters in the city, killing 26 people, injuring 44 people, losing about VND92.5 billion in assets.

According to HoREA, the fire in the city. HCM time is going in the negative direction. If from 2012 to September 2016, the city only occurred 34 fires in high-rise buildings, in 2017 alone occurred 1,007 fires, killing 26 people, injured 44 people, damage About VND92.5 billion in assets.

On March 23rd, 1818, a major fire occurred, causing serious damage to people and property in the basement of Carina Plaza, Ward 16, District 8. This fire killed 13 people and 51 people. They have been injured, affected the social order and safety and caused unsettled psychological impact on people living in apartment buildings.

Carina Plaza apartment

Carina Plaza apartment fire killed 13 people occurred in March 1818 in Ho Chi Minh City. HCM

HoREA’s report also said that most of the 474 former condominiums built before 1975 do not have fire protection systems; Many apartments are unfurnished, fences, no exits, the risk of fire is very worrying.

It is worth mentioning that many high-rise apartment buildings are licensed to be built in small roads or in alleys, so there is potential danger of escape for residents in case of fire. There are cases where functional agencies approve the master plan of the apartment but lack access road for fire engines in case of incidents. In cases where the project owner has left the road for the fire engine, but the road surface load does not meet the provisions of the Law on Fire Prevention and Fight, heavy fire engines can not enter.

Another fact is that many resettlement housing residences, social housing apartments, and some commercial apartment buildings with low quality fire prevention and fighting facilities are unstable, unreliable trust.

Particularly, there are apartment buildings, poor quality fire alarm system, continuous “fake fire alarm”; There is always a place to turn off the fire alarm system to avoid being “bothered”; Smoke doors of the floors are inserted, open for communication; Exit shelter of some apartment occupied, no longer escape the fire; fire protection system and equipment deterioration, aging, damage not warranty, maintenance and maintenance as prescribed.

Even some investors have not implemented fire prevention system has put people in such as Bay Hien Tower (No. 9 Pham Phu Thu, Ward 11, Tan Binh District) in 2016 has put more than 20 households into In the state of under construction, construction works are not built, no fire prevention and fighting system.

According to HoREA, the alarm status of fire safety as mentioned above comes from many reasons such as: investors fail to fulfill their responsibility to ensure fire prevention and fighting (construction, installation equipment improper design, use of inferior quality, imitation goods, counterfeit goods); Apartment management units and condominium operation management units have failed to fulfill their responsibilities to ensure fire prevention and fighting;

On-the-job security forces, on-spot fire prevention and fighting not timely detecting fire and skills to handle sources of ignition are not timely or ineffective; Residents living in apartment buildings are not actively participating in guiding and training skills in fire prevention and fighting, skills of escape, rescue and salvage;

In addition, the professional fire fighting force has not been organized properly, lack of modern equipment, especially fire fighting equipment for high rise apartment buildings, high buildings and lack of special labor protection equipment. .

The coordination between departments, committees, districts, wards, communes, towns in ensuring the safety of fire prevention and fighting still have many inadequacies. The handling of violations of regulations on fire prevention and fighting in apartment buildings and buildings is not suitable with the current situation.

To minimize the risk of fire safety, HoREA proposed amendments and supplements to the Housing Law in the direction that the investor of the condominium project must construct a fire road in accordance with the design of the road and load for fire engines; To publicize the list of non-fire prevention and fight-out apartments, or not to buy compulsory insurance for public supervision;

Besides, HoREA also proposed amendments and supplements to the Law on Real Estate Business in order to stipulate that investors, after checking and accepting works in accordance with the Law on Construction, shall have to notify the Department of Construction for inspection; If the standard is reached, the Department of Construction issued documents certifying that the works are eligible to put into use only to hand over the house to the residents.

In addition, HoREA also recommended the Ministry of Construction to soon issue the “Vietnam Construction Standards: High-Rise Building Design Standard” and amend and supplement the “National Fire Technical Standard for house and construction (QCVN 06: 2010 / BXD) “towards more stringent …

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