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HCMC Calls For Socialization Of Road Investment

HCMC calls for socialization of road investment

Ho Chi Minh City will study the mechanism of socialization to create a source for renovating or building new road traffic works, setting up stops for pedestrians to cross the road.

On January 5, HCM City People’s Committee has asked Ho Chi Minh City Traffic Safety Committee to chair and coordinate with agencies and units to organize propaganda and mobilize people to comply with regulations on management, using pavement, sidewalks and non-controlling means of circulation on the sidewalk.

Establish interdisciplinary inspection teams on the situation of road and pavement maintenance in the districts. Keep track of locations and areas where roadside encroachment, sidewalks have taken place in order to take the form of praise or criticism, and handle the responsibility in a timely manner.

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The Department of Transportation is responsible for proposing the implementation of road marking, signboarding, and parking information to the pavement forbidding vehicles, trading and information for monitoring and handling.

HCMC calls for socialization of road investment
Ho Chi Minh City will seek funding to build pedestrian bridges, pedestrian stops

To review the organization of parking stops in Ho Chi Minh City to adjust the list of routes permitting the temporary use of part of the pavement as a public parking lot for a fee, serving business services, trade in goods and allow to park under the toll road and the list of roads not allowed parking in Districts 1 and District 3.

To study solutions and mechanisms for socialization in order to create investment sources for upgrading, renovating or building road traffic infrastructure works. Establish pedestrian crossing stops on roads with large breadth.

Installing fences along the pavement at crossroads or pavement areas where traffic means regularly stop or stop illegally at crowded locations.

HCMC police should take measures to resolve the situation of cars stopping at the right place, especially in the central area. Proposals on the addition of some sanctioning forms to deal with violations of illegal parking stops, visual sanctions or through the registration of means.

Relevant departments need to have plans to implement measures to ensure traffic safety in front of the school gate, hospital gate and medical facility.

The Chairman of the District People’s Committee is responsible for ensuring the order of the curb, pavement in the area. Continue to maintain the roadside and sidewalks for 159 registered roads from the beginning of 2012.

HCMC calls for socialization of road investment
HCMC Police should take measures to resolve the situation of cars stopping at the wrong place

To set up and immediately implement a plan to rectify the situation of the encroachment of curbs, sidewalks illegally in the areas under management, especially spontaneous marketplaces, areas in front of school gates, hospitals, house locations Waiting for bus stops and high-risk locations can lead to traffic disorder.

To inspect and review crowded locations, production and business establishments … in their respective localities and request individuals and units in the course of operation to arrange and arrange parking lots It does not illegally encroach on the curb, sidewalks cause traffic disorder and disorder.

Review of eligible sites for relocation and relocation of people trading in spontaneous marketplaces, facilitating the management, monitoring and settlement of trade confinement Encroaching the curb, sidewalks in the area.

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