HCMC: Considering The Scheme To Apply Smart Home Codes To Avoid Clutter

At the conference numbering and labeling number of houses in the area of HCM City recently, leaders of the Department of Construction said many areas in Ho Chi Minh City which are still cluttered, not clear affects many transactions of people.

At the meeting, according to Do Phi Hung, deputy director of HCM City Department of Construction, the reason was basically due to many shortcomings in state management, the related local government wasn’t issued an adjusted number address. The population growth is very rapid, especially the increase in the mechanical population leading to unlicensed houses, the formation of spontaneous residential areas, the self-labeling of houses, etc.

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Recently, the Department of Construction in collaboration with the People’s Committee of 24 districts to survey and map the current state of the number of houses to make modifications. Although the adjustment of the number of houses in the city has changed, the order of numbers is not easy to see, find out or trade. To solve this issue, the Department of Construction is considering a scheme to apply smart home codes.

smart home codes

Miserable address to sweat in the “matrix” of ultra-long house in Ho Chi Minh City

 According to Nguyen Van Hai, Deputy Director of Urban Management Department of Nha Be district, the issuance and labeling of houses in the locality there are many signs but compared with the decision 22/2012 People’s Committee of Ho Chi Minh City numbering and attached regulations the number of houses in the city area is not wrong. However, for a long time in the area of Nha Be district people have self-attached house number so it is difficult to manage.

According to Hai, Nha Be district will review the total collection of super-slim houses. Next, to stretch the road limit the alley separation, each alley will put letters to reduce the number to 2-3 houses. On the other hand, the district will plan to add new residential areas in the alleys to clear the state of many, many houses.

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Thereby, the leaders of the Department of Construction also added a solution using numbers instead of slash marks. For example, 35 alleys, when going into the alley, the end of each branch will be added digits such as 35A, 35B … After these numbers are the slash marks such as 35A / 1, 35B / 2 … At the same time, Districts need to correct the situation with even numbers, odd numbers on the same block. At the City level, early instructions to fix the state of the house. For the Ministry of Construction, administrative sanctions should be imposed in cases where the population does not have a house number plate, the number plate is inscribed incorrectly, or the house number is not in accordance with the prescribed form.

In addition, the Department of Construction TP. HCM suggested the Ministry of Construction consider and approve the issuance of house number certificates for the following cases: houses located within the canal and canal protection corridors; the house is in the planning to expand existing roads to facilitate the transaction of people.

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