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HCMC eastern real estate: land ground came back

Land in HCMC

Not only apartments, East HCMC also recorded the return of the land segment. According to the real estate market in the city, the price of many land projects have strong growth.

The land of the eastern part of the city will rise again despite government intervention

In the land fever occurred earlier this year, HCMC has issued many warnings to speculators. At the same time announced the adjustment, amendment of decisions related to real estate market.

This move of the city helps to quell the virtual fever. But the psychology of customers and businesses worry, affecting the land market.

However, recently, it was reported that the city had decided to amend the land separation regulations. Cause the land market again began to rise again.

Land in HCMC
Ho Chi Minh City land has quiet time after the strong measures of the city

Forecast land will be hot again in the coming time

According to the analysis of many people in the world, in the new rules there are many benefits for the land market. Therefore, the market will recover in the coming time.

Immediately after this information, investors have returned to the ground. Especially in District 2 and District 9. The land prices in these areas increased rapidly.

At the project Monlight Residences owned by Hung Thinh Group. Previously, the average selling price was VND 55-65 million / sqm. The price has increased to VND70 – 75 million per square meter without the seller.

Or Him Lam Phu Dong project of Him Lam Land. Initial sale price at the end of 2016 is VND23 million / sqm. Now it has increased to VND 28-30 million / sqm, but no sellers.

In many areas in District 2, the land price in Mai Chi Tho street in the past two years has increased by 15-35%. As land area of ​​Thanh My Loi has increased to VND30 – 70 million/sqm compared with VND20-40 million/ sqm in 2015.

Land prices of residential areas in District 9 are on important roads such as ring road 2, belt 3 also increased rapidly.

Need to adjust for reasonable land prices in HCM City
The East Tower is the backbone of trust for customers and investors return to the land of the East

Thanks to infrastructure, buyers tend to stay with real needs. Along with that are the investors who have poured money into other areas that tend to “return” to the East. When this place increasingly assert themselves to become the best choice today.

Savills said that the HCMC real estate market has received 11,500 units in the third quarter from a series of new projects. Mainly concentrated in the East with over 50% market share.

Land with real value in East

According to Luong Tri Thin – Chairman of Dat Green Group, from 2015 to now. Land prices in some parts of the city are constantly increasing. In particular, there are places where 300-400% increase.

For example, District 2, the price on Tran Nao 2 years ago only about VND50 million / sqm, now the price is VND200 million / sqm. As in the Hanoi Highway area, the price in 2015 is only VND50 million/ sqm. Currently, after two years the price has reached VND200-300 million / sqm.

According to Thin, although the price of land has increased so high, but in areas where there are many as real demand, the value of commercial exploitation is still difficult to reduce.

Because, the story of price increases this time is not virtual increase. The price increase is due to the increasing demand along with the development of infrastructure.

Speaking about the ground story, Nguyen Xuan Loc, General Director of Techcom Real said. It has proven that the greatest risk of land for many years is mainly in the liquidity of the market.

If the land is real and legal, the infrastructure is complete with utility services to meet the needs.

Maybe in a certain period of time there are some difficulties in trading because of some influence coming from the market. But time after the market stabilized again. Then the market will develop a new higher price.

“For a long time, with the investment in land, if it is possible to capital good schools can hardly suffer losses. Having losses, they are investors using financial leverage, forcing to sell products to solve financial problems and turn the capital, “Loc emphasized.

Legal Procedures When Investing in Land for Foreigners
It is necessary for urban areas with prestigious investors and strong financial resources to create trust in customers

The issue is equally important, if you buy a piece of land in a planned urban area. The investment is to pay attention to the capacity of the project investor. This determines the quality and value of the product.

The land price has increased sharply in the past time is understandable because the market is in the stage of recovery. From 2015 up to now, land plots in the coastal areas with beautiful location increase 100-200% is also reasonable. That is the assessment of the market of Mr. Hien – specialist in the field of living in Ho Chi Minh City.

Mr. Hien shared his viewpoint with Mr. Loc. With real estate land prices, the price increase in the last time is very normal with the rules of the market. That is not too worrying at this time of Ho Chi Minh City market.

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