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The HCMC market is strongly filtered

The riverside town of Vam Co

The real estate market in Ho Chi Minh City has steps to purify to a stronger market

Medium-range real estate is visible on the market

Recent reports on the real estate market of Vietnam organizations or consulting companies such as Vietnam Real Estate Association, CBRE, Savills, Real Estate Association of Ho Chi Minh City. It shows that in 2017 and 2018 the mid-range housing segment will still play a dominant role in the market.

The real estate projects are reasonable price, comfortable first full with many objects are focused investors. Because these apartments meet most of the needs of many.

However, with the continuous development of the economy as the current demand for quality apartments are increasingly increasing, home buyers are increasingly demanding. So all the projects that have been implemented over time have made significant changes in both structure and design.

beautiful apartment
Today’s apartments need to meet the increasing demand of people and still have the right price

Accordingly, instead of running the number of apartments, investors now need more attention than quality land. The apartment must be high quality, full facilities, green space, …

There are a few projects that have been sold in recent years that are interested many customers such as:

Richmond City and Monlight Garden of Hung Thinh Group

Elite Park of Geleximco.

Diamond Lotus Riverside of Phuc Khang Corp is located in District 8. There are 700 apartments and river view. The project was impressed by the green “Leed” standard with the density of trees accounting for over 50% of the area (the highest in HCM City at present). The land area used for construction accounts for only 19% of the total project.

Market land near the Ho Chi Minh City boom

Besides the fast and powerful “change of blood” of apartments, the time to land suburbs will also become a market of interest. The eruption of the coastal zone is predetermined. As these areas are heavily invested in infrastructure.

Land near the city of Ho Chi Minh City also brought positive signals from the regional spread. The land of Long An and Nhon Trach (Dong Nai) also became vibrant.

Project land in the urban area of ​​Vam Co river

The projects in the community of riverside Vam Co River owns a favorable location. Located near the new administrative center of Long An Province. It can easily connect with Ho Chi Minh City via Trung Luong expressway. And the provinces of Eastern South such as Vung Tau, Dong Nai via Ben Luc – Long Thanh.

The riverside town of Vam Co
The riverside town of Vam Co can be easily connected with neighboring areas and has full internal facilities.

These are suburban projects but investors here confirm. Will still use more than 50% of the land fund of the project to develop green parks and lakes, …

In addition, the system of local utilities with schools, commercial centers, hospitals, .. will be invested in synchronous and full. However, the prices in these urban areas are guaranteed to a reasonable level for all people.

Factors to help filter the real estate market in HCMC

State Bank of Vietnam recently issued Circular 06. Most notably, some amendments to the Circular 36/2014. This is the policy many experts expect to make the real estate market more transparent and stable in the coming years.

Circular 06 contributes to help the market screen the qualified enterprises to implement the project. Because, with this circular, only strong, financially stable companies with enough enthusiasm can stand up to carry out their projects.

Circular 06 will help the real estate market become more transparent and stable development
Circular 06 will help the real estate market become more transparent and stable development

The fierce and timely appearance of the government has been demonstrated since 2016. Ho Chi Minh City has shown its determination to purify the market by announcing the decision to collect operating licenses for slow-moving projects. And instead, they are qualified investors.

This work by the city government has contributed to reducing the number of multi-annual projection projects and promoting more M & A activity. In addition, credit activity also works better.

According to Truong Anh Tu – Phuc Khang Corp. Director of Business Development. Nowadays, home buyers are becoming more and more perfectionist. They no longer believe in the advertising of the investor as before. Before buying a home, they learned the information of the owner and the project with a variety of sources. As well as factors such as legal status, design, utility, deployment progress, …

It can be said, the real estate market in HCM City as well as the next few years will develop strongly and sustainably. Investors have developed the project more financially and invested more in their projects. There are no scenes of projects that cover the whole decade of urban beauty in the city.

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