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Hcmc does not allow to construct commercial apartment of 25 m2

hcmc does not allow to construct commercial apartment of 25 m2

The People’s Committee of HCMC has just promulgated the document 5657/UBND-DT on minimum floor area for apartments.

Document was issued after reviewing Housing Law No. 65/2014 /QH13, Decree No. 100/2015/ND-CP dated October 20, 2015 by the Government on the development and management of social housing, Circular No. 20/2016/TT-BXD dated June 30, 2016 of the Ministry of Construction guiding the implementation of some contents of Decree No. 100/2015/ND-CP.

In the document, the People’s Committee of HCMC stated that for commercial apartments, standard area of ​​each type of commercial housing is selected by project owners, but must ensure to comply with the regulations on detailed construction plans, standards, construction norms, housing architecture and the contents of the decision on investment policy of the project by the competent State authority.

For apartment, it must be designed and constructed in the style of enclosed apartments, with floor area in accordance with standards and building norms. The minimum area of ​​apartment is 30 m2 for social housing; 45 m2 for commercial housing.

Where social house is apartment, it must be designed and built in a closed style, ensuring construction standards and norms, area of each apartment floor must be minimum 25 m2, maximum 70 m2, in line with the construction plan approved by the competent State authority.

Accordingly, pursuant to current legal regulations, minimum floor area of social housing is of ​​25 m2; 45 m2 for commercial housing.

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Ho Chi Minh City said that the city now has high urbanization speed, population growth rate. Regard to the investment in the construction of commercial apartments of small size (less than 45 m2/unit), it will accelerate the above process. Thereby, it causes the increase in the population size and increase pressure on the social-technical infrastructure which is currently overloaded. This also breaks the approved plan, the risk of slum appearance in the urban center.

Therefore, the city petitions that social housing area standards are based on the provisions of the Government’s Decree No. 100/2015/ND-CP dated October 20, 2015.

For commercial housing projects, during the pending period of the promulgation of new national technical standards on apartments, the criteria for commercial-house area shall comply with the provisions of Vietnam National Standard TCVN 4451:2012 on Housing – Fundamentals for Design, as stated above.

Previously, the Ministry of Construction has an official response dispatch to Dat Lanh Real Estate Co., Ltd. on the proposal to allow the implementation of investment construction of commercial housing projects and apartments with an area of ​​20 – 30 m2. The Ministry said that the Construction Law 2005 regulates that the apartment must design in closed apartments, each floor area is ​​not less than 45 m2.

However, at present, many localities and enterprises have sent written documents to the Ministry of Construction, requesting for permission to invest in commercial houses with an area of ​​30 – 40 m2.

The ministry acknowledged that the demand for small units (less than 45 m2) was huge. This type of housing is for low-income, single and young households with 2-3 members in big cities and industrial development zones. Some works have also been invested to construct.

As being amended in 2014, the Housing Law has set aside the minimum floor area of ​​45 m2 for commercial apartments. Apartments must be designed, built in a closed style, have floor area in accordance with standards, construction norms.

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