HCMC: Rare Things: Sell A House But Do Not Sell Walls And Stairs

This is just one of the many abnormalities that occur at 116 Tran Quoc Toan, Ward 7, District 3, Ho Chi Minh City. Residents have complained to the authorities over the past decade but have not been resolved satisfactorily.

It is the urgent need of households in the collective 116A – Tran Quoc Toan if at the meeting with the voters of the Party Secretary of Ho Chi Minh City Dinh La Thang and other members of the National Assembly of Ho Chi Minh City.

According to Mr. Nguyen Xuan Minh’s residence at 116 / 12A, the apartment connected one-storeyed one floor where he and his family are now, which was formerly apartment of 116 Tran Quoc Toan, The Central Administrative Finance Department is managed by the Administrative Department of T78. In 1988, Minh was temporarily granted this house, then rented out of District 3 Service Company.

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Sell your house but do not sell walls and stairs


The process of liquidation procedures under Decree 61, his apartment does not change the shape, texture, but every time local officials down to measure the drawing, then give an area!

Specifically, according to the building permit in 1992 of the Department of Construction Ho Chi Minh City, the area of Mr. Minh’s building is 76.88 sqm. By 2006, District 3 Public Utilities Company made drawings for the sale of the house according to Decree 61, the area of Minh’s house was only 37.2 sqm, and the area used was 69.58 m2. By 2008, Mr. Minh’s family was commissioned by the People’s Committee of District 3, with the data: 69.58 sqm, floor area, 37.2 sqm of private use area, and 33.35 sqm is called ” Use area “.

Even, according to Mr. Minh, in the certificate of ownership of housing, the piece of land he is staying is 3.1 MX 12 m, calculated 37.2 sqm, so, the area recorded in the book  33.35sqm. It is worth mentioning that the area of half the balcony (1.37 sqm), under stairs (1.09 sqm) and toilet walls (0.34 sqm), although of this house, but not Included in the area to sell to Minh’s house.

Not only Mr. Minh’s house, there are 16 other adjoining houses in Dormitory 116 – Tran Quoc Toan is estimated to share this situation.

According to the inquiries, Block 116 – Tran Quoc Toan has an area of 2687.4 sqm, including 47 apartments, housing construction area of 47 households ( 1,671.61 sqm). Total area of 47 apartments is 3.099,39 sqm  handed over to the People’s Committee of Ho Chi Minh City for management of Decision No. 165QĐ / BTCQTTW dated October 24, 2006, by  Mr. Nguyen Quang Lam, Deputy Director of the Central Finance and Administration Board

Representatives of the Land Registration Office branch in District 3 said that Mr. Minh’s case is currently being contested by professional agencies since it has not been identified as a condominium. Or collectively. If the apartment is not selling walls, columns and areas for common use. If you are a community home then the sale will be apportioned accordingly. Coming soon, People’s Committee District 3 will consult people to make a final decision.

Secretary Mr.Dinh La Thang requested the Vice Chairman of the People’s Committee of Ho Chi Minh City Huynh Cach Mang to promptly resolve the complaints and resolutions of the people on the basis of law and soon report in December.

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