HCMC Re-evaluates Land Quality

HCM will collect information, plan and sample soil in the field to develop a map of land degradation, soil quality, and agricultural land classification.

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HCMC People’s Committee has issued a plan to implement the project of land survey and assessment in the period 2016 – 2020. The investigation is to assess the full, accurate, scientific land resources of Ho Chi Minh City…

As a basis for proposing policies and measures to strengthen the state management of land, to effectively exploit and use land in terms of quantity and quality of land resources in service of social economic development… Particularly, the elaboration and adjustment of land use planning and plans.

HCMC re-evaluates the quality of land

Ho Chi Minh City will have a re-evaluation of land quality on a large scale

Accordingly, there will be four surveyed subjects, the land evaluation including Land quality, natural land potential. Assessment of land degradation in agricultural land, forestry land, aquaculture land, the salt land, other agricultural lands, unused land and unused hill and land.

The third is the investigation and assessment of land pollution in the area of pollution in the area of Ho Chi Minh City. Finally, the classification of agricultural land. The main activities of the land survey and assessment are to develop and approve the land evaluation plan in Ho Chi Minh City. Estimation of funding and implementation plan.

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It will then collect information, documents, data, maps. Planning and surveying, soil sampling in the field. Collect and process internal and external document information. Develop a map of land degradation, land quality, land potential, polluted land, and agricultural land classification.

HCMC re-evaluates the quality of land


Develop a report on land degradation, land quality, land potential, soil pollution, agricultural land classification. Evaluating, approving and announcing the results of investigation and evaluation of land quality, land potentials, land degradation, soil pollution, agricultural land classification …

After synthesizing the results of investigation and assessment of land quality, land potential, land degradation, soil pollution and agricultural land classification to the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment.

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