HCMC: Real Estate In Cu Chi Waiting For Big Change

Information about the Tuan Chau Group’s desire to invest in a super project in Cu Chi District, HCM City has attracted special attention in the past few days. There will be a rush of land prices in Cu Chi to catch up on the project or not, is now a “hot” question.

Many transactions, prices increase

February 26, 2017, after several days of the above information about Tuan Chau Group, Tuan Chau Newspaper took a field trip in some communes in Cu Chi District. According to the reporter, at some real estate brokerage offices in Tan Phu Trung, Tan Thong Hoi, Tan Thanh Dong, Cu Chi-town … the number of people seeking to buy land is relatively much.

Mr. Nguyen Nhu Tuyen, Director of Anh Luan Real Estate Company, said that from mid-2016 until now, the situation of real estate transactions in Cu Chi quite exciting. In addition to local people, customers in other places, especially in the inner city of Ho Chi Minh City, especially in Hanoi to buy a lot. The reason is many, but most importantly, the price of land in Cu Chi is cheap, suitable for many people.

Cu Chi real estate

From mid-2016 until now, the situation of real estate transactions in Cu Chi quite exciting

“With the price of large land not only residential area is only USD $ 85 -130 / sqm, some places are lower, many recently silently gather a large number to catch the” waves”.  At the land segment and the center line of the commune, the price ranged from USD $130 to $350/sqm, or the Viet Kieu area in Tan Thong Hoi commune is the “highest”, the price is only USD $ 650 /sqm. Particularly in the segment of built houses, the transaction is relatively good with price fluctuations to increase from 5 to 10% compared with the previous months”, he shared.

According to reporters, in the 21 existing communes and towns in Cu Chi, housing prices in neighboring districts of District 12, Hoc Mon District, Binh Duong and near the arterial routes such as National Highway 22 (Trans Asia), administrative center district, or along the Saigon River … A sharp increase compared to the beginning of 2016, in some places increased by nearly 50%. A landowner in Binh My commune said that a few days ago, visitors came to the land to buy a lot, but he had not sold in a hurry to hear the situation.

Real estate in Cu Chi will have big changes?

Nguyen Hong Duc, General Director of Investment Construction PV Corporation (PV Invest) said, one part of the land in Cu Chi has increased because of the recent good information on infrastructure investment, followed by the K coefficient of land price change, while the situation in Hoc Mon District – a border area with Cu Chi – is prohibited, visitors in Hoc Mon here on many. Hopefully, next time real estate in Cu Chi will have big changes.

Cu Chi real estate

In reality, there are only about 5-6 large real estate projects in Cu Chi with scale of 100 to 300 or 500 ha.

In reality, there are only about 5-6 large real estate projects in Cu Chi with the scale of 100 to 300 or 500 ha. The rest are small-scale projects, ranging from 3-5 hectares or at most tens of hectares, but only around 10 less than the investor involved. Large-scale investment projects are usually only for rich and distant customers to buy because of the high prices, under USD $ 435 m2 of land. As for local guests or bordering districts, they usually buy in small-scale projects, or land and houses available in existing residential areas because prices fluctuate only USD $ 260-300/ m2, many places are lower.

Mr. Duc also added that Cu Chi people are very familiar with the information of large corporations will invest in Cu Chi so this time they are not surprised. Therefore, it is hoped that projects such as New City, a boulevard along the Saigon River connecting Cu Chi District to District 1 or the new city center lakes project in Cu Chi that Tuan Chau Group exchanged with the Secretary of the HCM City Party Committee earlier this time into reality, not as promised as the previous investor so that people are not disappointed.

Another real estate investor said that the “big bosses” often take the project first. If done, it must be 2 years later to deploy. Therefore, from here until the beginning of next year, except for places where local prices are rising. It is likely that the price of land in Cu Chi is not high, maybe only fluctuate between 10% – 15%. While in other districts such as Hoc Mon, District 12 may be from 20 to 25%. However, whenever these projects of Tuan Chau Group are approved and deployed, the real estate market of Cu Chi will be completely changed.

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