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Healthy living at Gem Riverside District 2

Gem Riverside project

Why say Gem Green Land District 2 is a peaceful place romantic between urban prosperity? Real Estate Express explores and explores the special features of the project, such as Ha Long Bay in District 2.

Many customers contact us recommended to introduce the apartment in Saigon open, beautiful natural scenery and not too crowded, noisy. However, we all know that, Saigon land is crowded, every inch of land is worth the diamond, so finding a place to live in harmony is extremely difficult.

However, it is difficult not to say that there is not, because there are quite a lot of investors who are oriented toward humanity and positive, aiming to benefit the user above all, and one of them is the Green Land Group. super project Gem Riverside District 2.

Gem Riverside apartment
Gem Riverside is considered as a romantic oasis to create a perfect lifestyle

Gem Riverside is currently the most prominent project of Dat Xanh Group in District 2, broadcasted from the end of 2017 and to this time, still very hot in the real estate market apartment. This is a rare project that is considered a peaceful and romantic place in the heart of a cosmopolitan city. It is built in a resort style with a bit of architecture in a small European city.

Find out the great life at Gem Riverside District 2, if you are really interested in this project, and have a strong belief in the prestigious operation plan of Dat Xanh Group.

Gem Riverside District 2 – European City along the Saigon River:

Together with the owner, reputable designer and experienced contractor, this is what makes the appearance of Gem Riverside. According to the planning announcement and the actual drawings, Gem Riverside is a modern building, with 2 sides adjoining rivers and roads filled with trees and flowers surrounded.

With its European-inspired, miniature, modern, romantic and poetic style, Gem Riverside has conquered all those who have a chance to see this nearly 7ha project. on the drawing.

Gem riverside project
Gem Green as the European city along the Saigon River

With only 31% of the construction area, the rest is green and convenient, the project is almost wrapped in green bluish tones of nature and show customers that in the middle of Saigon is crowded. , there is a campus that lives in harmony with nature.

Along with that is the special architecture in the form of square apartments, corridors wide open air convection to help the lives of residents more liberal. You do not need to move outside the premises, just stay in the apartment only, step out the balcony, open the window is able to receive the wind, clear trees …

If you have seen the village or the small European cities on television, or directly to this place, you will see Gem Riverside District 2 is truly a romantic Europe between heaven. Those who have romantic soul, love nature and sometimes want to hide between the noisy bustle of urban bustling, can completely choose Gem Riverside to build a home.

Gem Riverside District 2 – Peaceful and detached bustling life:

Saigon is inherently the Pearl of the Far East, the trade is always crowded, the car people busiest, always loud, busy, sometimes happy … There are people love this wonderful atmosphere of Sai But some people are not very excited. That’s why when choosing a fixed home, each has different requirements, and many projects come with very different construction options.

Business Center - Highlights at Gemriverside District 2
The apartment at Gem Riverside Peace Project and detached bustling life

We live for ourselves, and just feel happy is enough. So there is no need to argue about whether you should be in the middle of the city or in neighboring districts, or outlying suburbs. We just need to define our desire for life, then balance our finances and then make decisions. Therefore, if you want to find a safe, peaceful, fresh and natural environment, you should choose Gem Riverside.

Coming to Gem Riverside District 2, you will separate with the humming car, with dirt, pollution, with the familiar sound at the market, crowded people go back. Each morning with you is a busy bird, is the wind swing leaves, are the old people running young people, nursing students in the campus.

Highlighting utilities at Gem Riverside in District 2
Gem Riverside with full facilities necessary for a meaningful life

You will not have to face dry concrete walls, roads, vehicles … when living here. Sometimes you will find life as slow, but rest assured it is “slow but sure”, because you will not be backward or feel tedious in the activity. At Gem Riverside, the intercity system, the out-of-town area is always full of modernity, and the key transportation routes are just minutes away from your home.

Please contact us and learn more about the project Gem Riverside District 2 is doing the wind blowing at this time, only VND35 million / sqm, so do not miss the opportunity!

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Healthy living at Gem Riverside District 2

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