Heat-Resistant Methods For Apartment

The West is the direction of heat absorption is very high. the apartment should have windows, balcony, living room, bedroom facing the west to have great heat in the summer.

Some heat-resistant materials used in apartment buildings

These methods against heat

Use insulation for west-facing apartments

PU foam insulation

This is lightweight material very useful. In addition to thermal insulation, it also helps to keep the apartment soundproof. This material is not hard to find very cheap. But the downside is not aesthetics. Previously they were used for the roof of the roof. So with the idea of the apartment building, it is possible to rhyme with more beautiful plasterboard and use it for longer.

Gypsum plasterboard

Suitable for use where there is too much sun exposure. Moreover, the cost of construction for gypsum wall is not too great but it ensures the aesthetic effect and long-term use. In addition, additional insulation can be used to add sound insulation.

Heat-insulated gaskets

This material is extremely easy to apply. It is made of pure aluminum foil, so it is resistant to summer heat. Moreover, it helps keep the heat from buying. Should be able to solve the problem of hot summer, freezing of the apartment west. Compared with the two solutions, insulation bags are easy to install. We only need to paste directly to the west wall with specialized glue.

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These are the solution to heat the west apartment brings very high efficiency. In addition, other methods such as blinds and blinds can be used, but certainly not as effective as desired.

Actions to avoid the apartment is not hot

1.Using multiple heat generating devices

If you live in a cheap apartment, small area, kitchen with living room and west facing can make the house extremely hot. Thermal devices such as dryers and gas cookers will increase indoor temperatures.

2.The ceiling fan turns wrong

According to a program of the American Environmental Protection Association, the rotors rotate counterclockwise to create a cooler atmosphere. Therefore, if your home is too hot, check the direction of the ceiling fan or choose ceiling fans that can rotate.

These methods against heat

Buy ceiling fans that can be reversed

3.Use the fan the wrong way

For fans to create cool air traveling throughout the room, fans should be properly. It is also possible to exploit the full power of the fan. Place the fan at least 17cm away from the floor and at least 25cm away from the ceiling.

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Also, a fan of 99 to 111cm diameter can cool the area of 20sqm. A large area should be 140cm in diameter. And rooms with a length of more than 5.5m must use multiple fans at the same time.

4.Use a high power consumption lamp

These methods against heat

Using LEDs will help reduce power consumption and heat generation

Avoid using old bulbs. This type of light consumes 90% of the energy consumed and creates heat in the home. Instead, use the ball to compact or LED. They save power, durability and low heat generation.

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