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High or low sales prices depend on these five factors

beautiful apartment

The location of the project, the area of ​​the apartment, the prestige of the investor … are three factors affecting the price of the apartment.

Project location and utility

According to the experts, the location of the project is the key factor that determines up to 50% of the apartment price. The project of apartment / apartment which has beautiful location, convenient traffic, eye-catching landscapes, diversified utility … will surely have higher selling price than other projects with poor location. Of course, the future liquidity of good location projects is also much better.

Project Legal

Beside the position, the legal status is also an important factor affecting the price of the apartment. Be sure to choose the projects that have started the foundation, or projects that have completed more than 20% of the rough. Of course, if you have the right conditions, choose to buy the perfect apartment.

The prestige investor

Projects coming from reputable developers in the industry will naturally be priced higher than those of individual developers. However, when buying the projects of these investors you can be more secure in many aspects such as quality of works, progress and legality.

Area and location of the apartment in the apartment building

beautiful apartment
High or low sales prices depend on these five factors

Apartments located in beautiful buildings in the apartment are often priced high

Larger units will naturally have higher prices. In addition, the location of the number of floors of the apartment is an important factor affecting their value. The projects located in large residential areas, the apartments located on the ground floor often have very high prices because they can be combined in both business and commercial. But usually the apartments located at the 8th to 16th floor have nice views that will always be priced higher than the other floors, the top floor of a building will usually be cheaper.

The quality and progress of the project

Works are constructed with good quality and on schedule, the price will be higher. You can understand the quality of the works by referring to the works of the same investor that was completed earlier.

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