High Profit from the investment of luxury apartments for foreigners rent

In recent years, the trend of investing in luxury apartments for foreigners has been increasing. Investors can earn up to 10% – 12% per annum, which is higher than the average profit margin of the Saigon apartment segment.

Invest in luxury apartments for foreigners to rent – a piece of fat

According to statistics, in Vietnam there are 80,000 foreign experts, more than half of which are working in Ho Chi Minh City and living in concentrated neighborhoods rich Thao Dien, Phu My Hung …

According to a CBRE statistic, the level of payment for accommodation needs of foreign experts ranged from $ 700- $ 2,000 per month. In particular, the term of this customer segment is usually longer than one year, so homeowners are often fond of it.

The rich neighborhoods of Thao Dien, Phu My Hung ... are now home to many foreigners

The rich neighborhoods of Thao Dien, Phu My Hung … are now home to many foreigners

Ms. Hạnh Loan, who currently owns 12 apartments for lease in the South, said she spent 4 billion five years ago to buy three 56m2 apartments at The Golden Star project in District 7. To date, have customers ask for 3 apartments for her 6.1 billion. However, she does not sell the interior finishing of about 200 million each, then the brokerage company for foreigners to rent. Recently, the HR department of a Korean company has rented her apartment for 3 years, at a rent of VND16 million per month. Each year, she earns about 11% of the profits.

Invest in apartments for rent, she has just got a liquid asset with a price increase over time (over 10% per year), just get a regular income every month without having to think like surfing. real estate or securities investment.

In May, Ms. Loan attended the launching ceremony of Detox & Healthy Green Star Sky Garden apartment project near Phu My Hung area of ​​Hung Loc Phat company. With this apartment model beauty and health protection, she immediately down to buy 4 apartments. There are brokers asking to buy the whole hundred million after the announcement ceremony but she definitely did not sell.

Trung Nguyen (34 years old) also buys 3 apartments at the Green Star Sky Garden project for foreign professionals. Mr. Nguyen said that three years ago he invested in apartments for foreigners with a large apartment project over 500 apartments located in front of Binh Duong Boulevard, 3km from VSIP Industrial Park. Invested 750 – 800 million VND per unit 46 – 50sqm. He and his three friends bought 40 apartments in this project to invest in serviced apartments for foreign experts working in the industrial zones. Mr. Nguyen said that in this project is available for rent VND8 million a house. The house has furniture ranging from VND10 to 14 million per month, depending on the direction and number of floors. Rental rate is up to over 10%.

Strict requirements

In fact, the projects with large foreigners in Thao Dien, Phu My Hung Hung Phuc, Golden Star, Vista An Phu, Tropic Garden … have high rents and occupancy rates. almost always at 100%. Prices of apartments for foreigners are usually quite high, ranging from $ 1,000 – $ 1,500 / month with apartments with 2, 3 bedrooms, area from 90sqm – 110sqm. Generally, apartments with larger space may cost up to $ 2,000 – $ 2,500 per month.

A series of rigorous requirements for renting apartments

A series of rigorous requirements for renting apartments

A series of rigorous requirements for renting apartments

Because of the high price, the requirements of foreigners to rent apartments are also more strict. Dr. Tran Nguyen Minh Hai, real estate specialist from Banking University said: “The high-end apartments have a closed utility complex, fully integrated quality services, meet most needs Life will be more attractive to foreigners.

In addition, living space also plays an important role in the decision to rent apartments: apartments must be clean, well managed, the large area apartments, eye-catching design, luxury furniture, luxury It will be easier to impress foreigners. If you have decided to invest in this type, boldly choose the good apartments or find professional architects to have the idea of ​​interior design help your apartment become more valuable in the eyes of the foreigners. “

Representing Hung Loc Phat, owner of Green Star Sky Garden project – one of the projects attracting foreigners to buy in the South area also said that foreigners are very interested in specialized projects for health care, Therefore, this company has strong hands to spend trillion dollars developing Detox & Healthy apartments.

All rooms in the apartment are equipped with powerful infrared nanotubes to purify toxins, increase blood circulation and collagen production, Osen hot mineral bath, in addition. All antimicrobial paint apartments are antibacterial, protecting the absolute health for residents. In addition, each apartment has an air purifier. There are no worries about contaminated living environments or respiratory illnesses.

Investor Green Star Sky Garden strongly hands large sums of money invested in utility to serve foreign customers

Investor Green Star Sky Garden strongly hands large sums of money invested in utility to serve foreign customers

In addition, the investor spent up to a trillion dong and spent more than 11,000 square meters on the green area of ​​the whole project just to develop health care facilities for residents. For example, 4,000 square feet of Thien Thien Duong is the largest artificial lake in the area. Besides, the lake also helps regulate the temperature of the residential area.

It can be seen, the investment in luxury apartments for foreigners to rent is not a bad business idea for many investors. It is forecasted that in the near future, this model can be replicated and developed in HCMC.

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