HighLighted Resort Real Estate Built Above In Phan Thiet

A classy luxurious resort no longer attracts many visitors. And some resort projects in Phan Thiet have created themselves an advantage to attract more visitors.

Some of the resort projects have been built over the hill so that visitors can enjoy their holiday in a new and more interesting way. It can be said that this project of resort real estate has added specially for construction.

Enjoy life on high with Sunny Villa.

The Sunny Villa resort is built on sand dunes with three sides facing the sea. This is a beach resort along the coast of Hon Rom Bay- the capital of South Vietnam’s famous sea resort. The Sunny Villa enjoys more than 1 km of coastline along Hon Rom Bay and is built at an altitude of 80m and descends towards the sea.

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Possesses terrain with 3 sides facing the sea.

With 3 sides facing the sea, you can enjoy the cool air that the Pacific Ocean brings, not only that you also have the opportunity to admire the sunrise and beautiful sunset on Hon Rom bay, a masterpiece that nature bestowed on this place.

Phan Thiet real estate

Sunny Villa villa project in Phan Thiet

It can be said that Sunny Villa is a luxurious beach resort project, with 350 luxurious and convenient villas with ocean park, 5-star resort, marina, cable-stayed bridge and 36-hole golf course with the largest scale in Phan Thiet. Come to Sunny Villa Villa, you will find the true value of living standard with 5-star standard services and special privileges exclusively for the owner here.

Royal Hill owns a prime location – Complete Infrastructure – Sustainable Strategy.

Royal Hill owns the advantage of the sea, specially built on the 70m high and the limited number of villas but bring more attraction to visitors. Royal Hill is also considered to be a promising real estate property project with the simultaneous ownership of three elements: prime location – complete infrastructure – sustainable strategy.

Phan Thiet real estate

Space project Royal Hill Phan Thiet

The idea of creating a market resort in Phan Thiet, separate and in harmony with the peaceful atmosphere of Mui Ne – Phan Thiet’s charming sea, Royall Hill is specially built in a unique “Hideaway” style. Along with the number of villas designed only at 172 apartments, architects have clearly expressed intention not only to create a wider space to “breathe” but also bring pride to the owner who is one of the few people who has a high upbeat lifestyle at the heart of the Mui Ne – Phan Thiet “Resort Capital”.

Royal Hill and the mansions “at sea”.

With a height of over 70m, from the hill of Royal Hill looking down, you will feel like on the floor of a building built on the sea, can watch the whole eye of the beautiful Mui Ne – Phan Thiet Bay and Sea Links golf course, which is known as the most beautiful golf course in Vietnam and the most challenging in Asia.
The Royal Hill Villas are set high, facing the sea, surrounded by the green of coconut palms, and the vibrant colors of tropical flowers. The stream winds along the road and yeast follow the style of nature and bring peace to every corner. Species of the region such as dragon fruit and coconut are invested by the owner in order to create a unique feature and honor the beauty of the hill.

Condotel Ocean View and pristine beauty.

Ocean View is located in the popular resort of South Vietnam, on the charming sand dunes along the coast of Binh Thuan, famous for its unspoiled natural beauty. Condotel Ocean View is located at an altitude of 30 meters above sea level, spreading towards the ocean, making Ocean View the most beautiful beach resort in the area.

Phan Thiet real estate

Panoramic view of Condotel Ocean View Phan Thiet

Condotel Ocean View- “the back leans on the Mountain – the front faces the Sea”

Stretching over 120 km, the coastal road of Long Hai – Phan Thiet Bay is the lively, long-lasting watercolor paintings so that once the travelers pass, they must admire the pristine beauty and very distinct charm of this place. With a prime location on feng shui “the back leans on the Mountain – the front faces the Sea” Condotel Ocean View not only let you enjoy the sunrise from the East Sea but also admire the sunset over the Bay of Phan Thiet. A position brings Gift – Bud, Flourishing – Prosperous, Happiness for the owner here.
Mui Ke Ga, Ham Thuan Nam, Binh Thuan is sunny all year, not too far from Ho Chi Minh City, where nature is blessed with endless long beaches, sandy beaches and pristine sand dunes, and boulders with many funny shapes on the wild look captivated people. With its beautiful location and the exotic beach of Mui Ke Ga, promises to bring the most attractive seaside resorts in Vietnam, an unforgettable destination for domestic and international visitors. …

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