Highlights Not To Be Missed 5-Star Garden Sala Garden

In line with the trend of new real estate investment in the market – Sala Garden is one of many projects worth investors for investors at the present time.

With the standard of 5-star construction, Sala Garden adheres to the principle of bringing peace to the deceased and at the same time contributing to preserving the traditional values in each fold. Vietnamese House.

Sala Garden – the first 5-star flower garden in Vietnam

In addition to Sala Garden, the market also has many other garden projects. However, each park project has different characteristics of the price, location, as well as the benefits that the project gives investors. So, for the purpose of building a 5 star garden like Sala Garden, the investor has paid much attention to this project.

Sala Garden projectPerspective of 5-star Garden Sala Garden

Not only the cemetery’s flowers keep buried, the Sala Garden project also provides many modern facilities related to the funeral. Planning of the project is evaluated in terms of size, modern spaciousness. The park is designed with the idea of peace and tranquility in the peaceful land of the Buddha but still modern style, luxurious in every space

In addition, the project Sala Garden is also focused on construction when applied technology Bim Germany to complete and finish the project in high quality.

Highlight of 5-star Garden Sala Garden

Sala Garden has an area of 44ha, located in Tan Hiep commune, Long Thanh district, Dong Nai province. From the center of Ho Chi Minh City, 25 minutes by car to Long Thanh – Dau Giay Expressway, you will come to Sala Garden with fresh nature, pure welcome atmosphere. This is a relatively fast moving time of the Sala Garden project when it is far away but it is more convenient to travel thanks to the better road network than other projects.

Sala Garden project

Highlight of 5-star Garden Sala Garden

Location of Garden Sala is quite nice for use. Specifically:

Set apart from a residential area that offers quiet and privacy. The nearest residential area is Binh An commune, 8 km away.

Situated on sacred land surrounded by temples, parishes such as Buu Hoa Nun, Hien Duc Parish, Linh Chieu Temple, Thuong Chieu Temple, Tam Bao pagoda and Dao Hue temple.

It is protected by a protective forest surrounded by perennial trees.

Sala Garden: The project is invested carefully with utilities and services with 5-star standard

Sala Garden cemetery is appreciated by the careful investment and has the investor’s model for the newly opened niche of the real estate industry. This can be seen through the number of products, as well as add-on service of the project has been announced and widely publicized investors.

You can read more information at Vietnam Real Estate Market

Sala Garden projectSpiritual areas near the 5-star Sala Garden

At Garden Sala Garden, the owner gives customers the practical options to meet the practical needs of the product line:

Single-double: area of 4.05sqm / lot, there are 18,637 lots

Grass family: area from 48sqm – 295sqm / tomb.

Not only attention to the product even the utilities are also focused building in Sala Garden with fun-related facilities such as:

Small ceremony area

Temple submission

Funeral Home


Investors can apply for additional services of the Sala Garden project to meet their individual needs or investment needs. Services at Sala Garden include:

Landscape embellishment

Grave care services

Cremation service

Storage service

Consultation services for funeral and religious events.

With the sala Garden Garden brings the promises will be a new investment real estate investors are concerned. Thanks to the careful investment in utilities, services, views and demand, Sala Garden will be a good investment opportunity for investors looking for new opportunities. The rate of return is quite high when investors only have to spend relatively low cost from the beginning. Lifetime factors and expectations for price increases are certain for this new type of potential real estate.

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