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Highlights of Swan Park private house

Villa at Swan Bay Dai Phuoc project

SwanPark – where the start of a dream life, filled with happiness.

Swan Park project is considered to be a prime location, a rare project that owns a rare location in the East Saigon area. Thanks to such an ideal location, the project ensures residents can avoid the noise of the city but still bring the most comfortable life.

Simulate the villa in the urban Swan Bay Nhon Trach
Swan Park commercial private house – a product that many customers appreciate

 Swan Park Nhon Trach is a bustling urban area with a well planned infrastructure, convenient transport infrastructure, contemporary design and quick connection to all key economic areas of the area. South East. Swan Park has the ability to quickly and easily connect to the urban metropolitan area when these areas have road and waterway systems; railway and air routes in the future to complete and put into use Long Thanh International Airport.

Highlights for the Swan Park project

Swan Park East Saigon is one of the real estate projects become the most prominent blockbuster in 2018. Because the project has attracted the attention of many investors, customers. This is a project that is full of features that real estate projects in the area, the same segment can not get. As a place to live for future life, it is sure that SwanPark East Saigon will make many people surprised.

Swan Bay 's eye - catching blue eyes
Green life, peaceful at Swan Park

Swan Park inherits the essence of Swan Bay

The success beyond the expected Swan Bay Nhon Trach project, CFLD investors continue to launch the project East Saigon Swan Park project. This is a project that has the potential to grow, increase value in the future. Swan Park promises to create a new face, help change the current Nhon Trach – Dong Nai.

Swan Park Nhon Trach Project is a new project that has completely overcome the problems of environmental pollution, building a new urban area not only green and beautiful in the center of Nhon Trach. The project is prominent in the market with eye-catching greenery and attractive local and regional service chains. It is here that promises a sustainable life in the future for the people of the city.

Villa at Swan Bay Dai Phuoc project
Villa at Swan Bay Dai Phuoc project

Swan Park Nhon Trach project has been planned with the main products are commercial and villas are designed separately, suitable for a variety of customers. The project has a total area of ​​more than 900 hectares, was poured the capital from the CFLD Corporation. The future goal of the project is to build 250 adjacent townhouses with designs from 3 to 5 floors. And next to that is about 169 luxury villas with designs from 2 to 3 floors.

Swan Park East Saigon is located in the central area of ​​Nhon Trach, which is considered to be the perfect transport bridge by leading real estate investors and experts in the field of real estate.

In order to reach the project, customers can travel by three highways, one by train and one by train; 2 national highways. Particularly, there is also the participation of waterway traffic including: Cat Lai port; Phuoc An port. In addition, it must be mentioned that Swan Park East Saigon is also very close to Long Thanh International Airport.

With the superior terrain advantage that no real estate project in East Saigon can achieve, it can be sure that Swan Park is a very potential project. And in the future, it is certain that Swan Park Nhon Trach will become a model urban future that ensures modern, comfortable and clean elements.

Become a resident of the project SwanPark Nhon Trach to enjoy the essence of life in East Saigon. Make your dream come true quickest, most perfect!

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