Him Lam Cho Lon Apartment: “Do The Virtual Number” To Escape The Law

On March 21st 2017, the resident of Him Lam Cho Lon Apartment, built by Him Lam Real Estate Joint Stock Company (HLL), received a letter asking for their opinions on adjusting the location of community home in the project located on Nguyen Van Luong, District 6, Ho Chi Minh City.

Investors wanted to change the location of community home into that of supermarket because they hoped to the redefinition of the entire facilities of the whole project to be reasonable and scientific and to effectively exploit the capabilities of each region.

“We do not have the need to shop at the mall because it’s too expensive. A community home is a place where residents gather for group activities, social support, public information, and other purposes, therefore, it is supposed to a spacious space. The current position is appropriate so why does it need to change?. Other residents do not think that building community home in the corner is more scientific, and it is hard to accept the reason for change.” said V living here.

Him Lam Cholon Apartment

Him Lam Cholon Apartment view

The design approved by the Ho Chi Minh City Department of Construction in 2013 is clearly defined in the purchase contract signed by the investor and the client. It is said that there are eight apartment blocks and eight community houses respectively. The two double blocks of them have arranged two community houses in succession, adjacent to the commercial center. The total area of 8 community houses is 1,300sqm.

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However, all community houses are currently subject to change their locations. For two double blocks, two adjacent community houses are separated to build a supermarket (at block B2 – B3) and a kindergarten (at block C2 – C3).

After posting the comments to residents, on April 17, Him Lam Real Estate Joint Stock Company announced the results of 100% of consent.

The notice also stated that due to the absence of some residents and the convenience of the residents in expressing opinions, four forms of consultation were made as a face-to-face meeting, email and sending the second message. Then, the result was 98.2% of the residents were in favor on adjusting the location of community houses. It also stated that the file will be sent to the competent agency for the approving of the amendment.

“At present, the community house in block B4 is temporary until the completeness of block C, but when block C is completed, the investor does not want to relocate the community house properly as original drawing.”

Him Lam Cholon Apartment

Him Lam Cholon Apartment overall

The representative of the investor named Loc paid a visit to every household to ask for their opinions for building the community house at block B4. I did not agree with that because it was not great for all of us. But when I saw the result of 100% of the agreeing comments, I did not know where this number came from “said K, a Block C resident.

According to K, the staff of Him Lam Real Estate Joint Stock Company did not explain clearly, so he misled many residents. He did not mention the location of the community house in the drawing, therefore, other residents misunderstood that the right location of it was the current location. This shows that the investor was lack of transparency in the consultation of residents.

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Not only were many people unpleasant about an urgent matter on getting public opinions, they are also concerned that the design adjustment will lengthen the time to receive home ownership papers. “When meeting for comments, representatives of the management of the building said that if you did not agree to, you would not receive a red book,” Ms. T, residents living block B2 worried.

Commenting on the situation in the eyes of an investor, Nguyen Van Duc, Deputy Director of Dat Lanh Real Estate Co., Ltd, said: ” If the owner wants to change the location of the original drawing, he will need 100% agreement of the residents. If any resident does not agree but the investor still changes, the investor go wrong.”

According to Duc, many residents know nothing about whether they agree or disagree with the change as reported by the business representative; the investor is completely wrong.

He said that changing the design does not affect the allocation of red books to residents. But using the time to give a red book is a tool to threaten, and violating the law of the owner is not very good.

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