Him Lam Corporation is suspected of appropriating capital of residents

Although the Management Board has been established for nearly half a year, however, the owner of Him Lam JSC has not handed over the maintenance fund to the residents of Him Lam Thach Ban 2. This raises questions. Investors intentionally occupy the capital of the residents.

VND700 million maintenance funds do not know when to pay?

According to the complaint of the apartment building Him Lam Thach Ban 2 (group 4, Thach Ban Ward, Long Bien District, Hanoi) as of April 2016, Him Lam only handed over 3.7 billion dong of maintenance funds for residents. The remaining about VND700 million, investors do not know when the new refund.

Him Lam Joint Stock Company has not handed over the maintenance fund for the residents of Him Lam Thach Ban 2

Him Lam Joint Stock Company has not handed over the maintenance fund for the residents of Him Lam Thach Ban 2

Remarkably, the lack of money is due to some households (employees of Him Lam JSC buy house in Him Lam Thach Ban 2) not closed when signed home purchase contract.

“Residents want to know why the profit of VND3.7 billion in 6 months was not handed over and the amount of VND700 million was never handed to the owner of Him Lam. This is an act of capital misappropriation of residents, “wrote the complaint.

Chargeback wrongly refunded?

Apart from handing over the maintenance fund, apartment owner Him Lam Thach Ban 2 also complained about the service providers have collected fees wrongly and signs of deceiving customers.

Specifically, the unit price of water supplied by the service provider to the residents is structured with the following items: water price, 5% VAT, environmental protection fee 10%, wastewater treatment fee 2,881 VND / m3 and again 10% VAT on waste water treatment.

Residents said that pursuant to Item c, Article 43 of Decree No. 80/2014 / ND-CP, water drainage contractors have paid for water drainage services, they do not have to pay environmental protection fees according to current regulations on fees. Environmental protection for wastewater.

“Organizations and individuals that discharge wastewater into the concentrated wastewater treatment system and pay for wastewater treatment services shall not have to pay environmental protection charges for wastewater. The drainage system is the payer of environmental protection charges for waste water that has been disposed of and discharged into the environment “(Clause 2 of Article 4 of Decree No. 154/2016 / ND-CP).

Resident Him Lam Thach Ban 2 said that the investor has collected wrong waste water treatment fee and request to be returned

The corridor at evening Him Lam Thach Ban 2

The corridor at evening Him Lam Thach Ban 2

At the July meeting of residents, the building service provider stated that if the fee was not correct, it would be returned to the resident. However, after almost a year, the fee has not been clarified.

By February, the wastewater fee suddenly disappeared from the monthly receipt. Do not the residents explain that they have stopped collecting and have the wastewater treatment fees paid back?

After contacting, Mr. Duong Cong Diep – Deputy Director of Himlam Joint Stock Company – confirmed that the investor is collecting the right. The wastewater treatment fee is to cover the electricity charge for the generator and the wastewater treatment plant.

However, residents claim that the electricity bill runs the generator and the wastewater treatment station is in charge of service – was Himlam commitment free in the first year. Therefore, the Him Lam to collect wastewater treatment fees is both illegal and deceiving customers.

Low-end housing, high-end service fees

Service charge Him Lam Thach Ban 2 is currently at VND 5,000 / sqm. According to the residents, for a common apartment such as Him Lam Thach Ban 2, this price is too high (service fees in the apartment equivalent to about 1.500 – 3,000 m2).

High fees but the quality of service at the building is very low. Specifically, cleaning the corridors in the building is not clean; The lights in the corridors are very dark, often only turning 3-4 shadows per floor during the evening.

“We want to clarify what services are more convenient or superior to other apartments.” Based on where the building management unit charges a service fee of 5,000 VND / sqm “, residents quizzed.

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