Him Lam – Excellent Payment Policy

Him Lam Land Company is selling the last apartment project Him Lam luxury apartment project, Hau Giang Street, District 6.

All apartments offered for sale this time will be handed over in the month. 6-2016 but customers are still Him Lam Land for 3-5 years with interest rates from 0-6% per year. Not to mention, the landscape around the project has been completed, the high-end utility works have served residents.

Buyers choose completed apartments or handed over apartments

 Buy the house is “eye to eye, hand in hand” as Him Lam Cho Lon will help customers verify the actual quality. The commitment of the owner will be reflected in the assessment and selection will be the most accurate. In addition to the quality issues, the buyer’s big advantage will be used immediately and thus will greatly reduce the cost as well as generate income immediately. Specifically, for buyers to stay, because they receive home immediately, do not have to wait 2 more years will save: 15 million / month x 24 months = 360 million. For buyers to invest in the lease will also receive the house and rent more than 2 years, so the immediate lease will profit 360 million (rent 15 million / month). Particularly advantage of this has helped customers buy cheaper than 4.5 million / m2 (= 360 million / 80 m2, for example 80m2 apartment) compared with the project two years to receive new homes.

Him Lam project

Buy the house is “eye to eye, hand in hand” as Him Lam Cho Lon will help customers verify the actual quality.

Having the intention to buy apartments in the right to end the scene to rent a house, Pham Thanh Phuong (District 11, HCMC) shared: “According to my understanding, there are quite a lot of projects with average prices. Wait 2-3 years to hand over the house, so my husband is not very salty. I buy Him Lam Cho Lon to save money for rent, waiting times, opportunities and peace of mind because can get the right home.

 The finished house is still paid for 5 years

The project is preparing to deploy or under construction, the customer is late payment is natural because this is the form of buying houses in the future and customers pay on schedule. But with Him Lam Cho Lon, customers not only get home immediately but also the owner support long payment. Instead of having to pay 70% to get the home buyer only pay 50%, the remaining 50% are deferred for 3-5 years with interest rates from 0-6% per year.

Him Lam proejct

1,356 / 1,456 apartments were purchased in 11 months

Specifically, for a two-year zero-interest payment plan, customers only must pay 50% of the house payment, the remaining 50% will be paid in 24 months without interest, calculated every month customers only pay money equivalent to 2% / month / total value of the apartment. For a four-year deferred payment plan, customers pay only 50% of the rent, the rest is paid only 0.5-1% / month / total apartment for 4 years with the fixed interest rate 0- 6 years. This is the policy to support outstanding payments to help people easily need to own a dream home. This policy not only creates a breakthrough in the market but also pulls other investors into the competition in favor of the buyer.

Central apartment cost only 1.8-2 billion

Owning a golden position on Hau Giang’s main artery, right in the middle of the business area, the busy business center of Sai Gon – Cholon tradition, the apartment is fully furnished with high-quality furniture. Teka, TOTO, Ferroli … but the total value of surprise for customers is only 1.8-2 billion – a very soft price in the segment of luxury apartments.

In the context of housing projects in the inner city is not much due to the depletion land fund, Him Lam Cho Lon is considered as the most interesting investment for customers who want to put capital into the field. real estate. Many customers said that if they do not decide soon, they can miss the apartments in a reasonable space, easy to buy, easy to sell, easy to rent in the future. “With the transportation infrastructure of the area growing, the value of Him Lam Cho Lon apartment will increase rapidly in the coming time,” said customer Le Huy Hung.

50 utilities are invested to meet the needs of 3 generations

Him lam project

Sports area for teens and soft plastic playground for children 1000m2

Him Lam Cho Lon is one of the largest luxury apartment projects in the center of Saigon Cho – District 6 up to this point. With an area of 4.08 ha and a construction density of only 25.17%, so more than 70% of the remaining area is enough to bring residents more conveniences but only projects far from the center can have land funds to perform 50 utilities that have been planned and invested. The project is different, but the management fee is only 7,000 VND / m2 (VAT included).

Living in Him Lam Cho Lon is not only conducive to the work, residents will also be really satisfied by the concern of moving the shuttle children were removed because the school system from kindergarten to primary school, secondary school, high school are in the project. At the same time, all age needs are met in just a few steps with a range of amenities such as a 4.500m2 pool and park; 350m2 elderly training ground for elderly people; a sports area for teens and a soft plastic playground for 1,000 m2 children; gym, spa, beauty salon, coffee, supermarket … All form a closed assembly that allows residents enjoy the most comfortable living in their home.

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