Ho Chi Minh City: Big Construction Infringes Hard To Be Imperative

On the morning of 5/8, Vice Chairman of People’s Committee of Ho Chi Minh City, Tran Vinh Tuyen, presided the meeting on the management of construction order in the city in the first 7 months of 2017.

The rate of executing the handling of construction violations reached only 17,5%

Since the beginning of the year, the Inspectorate has coordinated with the People’s Committees of districts, wards, communes and towns to inspect 24,449 works under construction, found 1.925 cases of violation of construction order, up 12.6% over the same period in 2016.

The number of violations increased mainly in District 9 (71 cases), District 7 (64 cases) and Hoc Mon (119 cases). Unauthorized violations were in Cu Chi District (209 cases), District 9 (63 cases) and Can Gio District (77 cases)

Remarkably, in the case of construction violations occurred, the rate of execution of administrative decisions was very low: 44% at commune level, 33.6% at district level, city only 17.5%.

Director of Ho Chi Minh City Construction Department Tran Trong Tuan said that the cases are serious offense, the lower the compliance rate.

Violation of construction works in large

Sapphire Thao Dien project increased the ground floor area, the backward Saigon River, Ong Hoa canal with an area of nearly 1.400m2.

If we are not tough, the big projects will be very much wrong, mainly wrong purpose of the use of high-rise projects. Recently, when the Chairman of the People’s Committee of Ho Chi Minh City decision enforcement, the investor Sapphire Thao Dien project has written explanation, permis not enforcement but voluntary dismantle within a month, “said Tuan.

In addition, the situation of illegal construction not only occurs in the urbanization processes such as: Binh Chanh, Can Gio, Cu Chi, District 9 … also appear in many urban districts District: 1, 3, 5, 8, 10, Phu Nhuan.

Explaining the rate of illegal construction, no permission is high, representatives of districts said because of a part of the housing demand of people.

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Vice Chairman of District 9 Hoang Minh Tuan Anh said that the number of unlicensed construction in the district increased because after the High Technology Zone came into operation, resulting in tens of thousands of migrant workers living in localities. The number of unauthorized construction in District 9 accounts for more than 50% of migrants, while the rest are poor households living in the planned land. Therefore, most construction works do not allowed in District 9 are thatched house

If we do not coerce, it will create a bad precedent, but coercion is very pitiful. The district has allocated wards crusade Maecenas to bankroll free accommodation for people from 3-6 months to find new accommodation, “said Tuan Anh said.

According to Vice Chairman of Cu Chi District People’s Committee, Nguyen Viet Dung, in the first seven months of 2017, the district licensed 3,000 construction records, up over 50% over the same period last year. The number of new construction works is concentrated in the adjacent communes of District 12 and Hoc Mon.

“These are areas where there are new industrial zones, so the number of immigrants has increased sharply, causing fever in land prices. In addition, many cases of wrong development took place in the land area planning at Northwest urban. The district is still asking the city to support the removal of the problem,” Dung said.

The picture Ho Chi Minh City urban is very complex

Vice Chairman Tran Vinh Tuyen of Ho Chi Minh City said Ho Chi Minh City is a mixture of old urban, upgraded infrastructure with thousands of new construction projects. Therefore, stemming from the current economic development strategy, it requires a plan of science.

Want to solve absolute wrong construction must come from the most basic problem is the city planning. Planning must have the vision for 20-30 years. But our planning is running under the short-term project,” Tuyen said.

Violation of construction works in large

The picture Ho Chi Minh City urban is very complex

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In addition, the development of urban infrastructure needs to put traffic on top priority. Where is traffic then the urban cluster and service trade dragged? This will expand the population in the central area.

At present, the population in Can Gio and Cu Chi districts is just over 1 million but the area of these two districts accounts for half of Ho Chi Minh City. The remaining 12 million people densely populated in the other half. This shows that the city’s planning is problematic, leading to the construction of unauthorized and illegal construction,” he said Tuyen.

Vice-chairman of the People’s Committee of Ho Chi Minh City directed the Department of Natural Resources and Environment to re-examine rate of agricultural land to be suitable: “There must be land to ensure agricultural security but Ho Chi Minh City towards hi-tech agriculture. Therefore, it is necessary to recalculate the rate of agricultural land because the demand for housing is very large. “

Mr. Tran Vinh Tuyen instructed the Department of Construction to improve the procedures for licensing construction is still a lot of trouble, causing troubles for the people.

In the case of some inspectors and urban order to assist wrong projects, Tuyen stressed that departments and localities should take measures to prevent and handle in time.

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