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Ho Chi Minh City Food IPO Earned 116 Billion

On July 15th, the Ho Chi Minh City Stock Exchange Department held more than 9.7 million shares of Foodcosa for the first time with a starting price of VND 12,000 per share.

As a result, the highest price was VND 13,000; the lowest price was 12,000 dong. In particular, there were 5 personal investors and 1 organizational investor won the lottery. The total value of the winning price was VND 116.5 billion

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After equitization, the company’s chartered capital is VND 294.5 billion. The state will hold 65% of the capital, equivalent to 19,142,500 shares. The number of shares auctioned to domestic investors is 9,711,900 shares, equivalent to 32.978%. The remaining 595,600 shares are sold to employees in the enterprise, equivalent to 2.022%.

HCMC food IPO gained 116 billion
HCMC food IPO gained 116 billion

Ho Chi Minh City Food Company Limited established in 1980, operating in the field of food business, food and technology products; producing cake from flour; trading in materials, equipment, fertilizers, pesticides, consumer goods; trading aromatics, spices and some other business under the business license. Currently, the company has 7 food factories, 3 FoodcoMart branches, 5 food companies and 3 petrol trading shops.

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