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Ho Chi Minh City Moved To Tan Thuan Port Before 2020 To Build Thu Thiem 4 Bridge

Ho Chi Minh City relocates Tan Thuan port

(NQL) – Regarding the adjustment of the detailed master plan for South East seaports (Group 5) by 2020 and orientation to 2030, the People’s Committee of HCMC has proposed and added the seaport development in association with develop the linking system to the port, attaching importance to the connection of inland waterway transport, ensuring the interconnection between the seaport and the shallow port system, the goods distribution center, the logistics center in the area.

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Regarding the railway connection, the HCM City People’s Committee assigned the consulting unit to study and check the effectiveness of connecting rail transport to the ports in Ho Chi Minh City, particularly Cat Lai port; to prioritize the development of seaports in Hiep Phuoc port area, Nha Be district, to limit the increase of cargo capacity through Cat Lai wharf area and to move or stop the wharves on Saigon river.

Ho Chi Minh City relocates Tan Thuan port

Currently, the city is lacking the system of wharves and ports for passenger transportation by waterway. Therefore, the Ministry of Transport should supplement planning tasks to study domestic, inter-provincial, inland waterway and maritime shipping terminals; continue to relocate, transform the capacity of the port on the Saigon River.

According to the People’s Committee of Ho Chi Minh City, for Tan Thuan port, it is necessary to relocate before 2020 to serve the construction of Thu Thiem 4 bridge, the remaining ports continue to operate as the status quo, no expansion investment addition of ports and researching for relocation after 2020 or termination of operation upon the expiration of the lease term; At the same time, buoys on the Saigon River will be relocated in accordance with the progress of relocation of the wharves on the Saigon River.

In the period until 2020, Ho Chi Minh City has proposed not to build wharves in Ben Nghe – Phu Huu Port (180m phase 2) and ITC Phu Huu International Port (300m phase 3). The next phase only considers investment when the traffic connecting this area is basically completed.

At the same time, Nha Be General Port (on Nha Be river) will not be further planned because it has many inhabitants, small land area, and shallow channels. The remaining berths remain unchanged.

In addition, it is necessary to plan 13 floating buoys in the Thieng Lieng – Nga Bay watershed area, ensuring that ships of up to 60,000 DWT or larger are planned.

Ho Chi Minh City relocates Tan Thuan port
Tan Thuan port to build Thu Thiem bridge 4

Previously, the People’s Committee of Ho Chi Minh City also proposed adjusting port planning and relocate some of these ports to Hiep Phuoc Port (Nha Be district). This relocation also helped HCM City to reduce traffic congestions and accidents in the inner city, especially in black spots such as Nguyen Van Linh – Huynh Tan Phat, Nguyen Van Linh – Tan Thuan 2, Nguyen Tat. Thanh, Phu My Bridge, Kenh Te Bridge.

City People’s Committee also plans to build a new port at Hiep Phuoc port to until the end of 2019 relocating Tan Thuan wharf and construction of Thu Thiem bridge 4. Total investment port new about 3.500 billion VND, investors Advance and be paid by the land fund at the existing Tan Thuan port and in other places.

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