Ho Chi Minh City Planned 385ha In Hiep Phuoc To Relocate Inner City Ports

Accordingly, the plot of land for construction of Hiep Phuoc Port Industrial Park, the area of the planning area in the south of Nha Be district, bordering Soai Rap and Dong Dien rivers; The Soai Rap River to the East, Hiep Phuoc Urban to the West, Soai Rap River to the South, and Industrial Zone Services to the North in the first stage of 1,740.66 ha.

Hiep Phuoc Industrial Park is a large-scale, multidisciplinary industrial park with diversified products, especially those associated with ports and shipping.

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This is a logistics service industry, especially for port operations, industrial production, shipping, import and export of goods through seaports.

Planning Hiep Phuoc

Ho Chi Minh City planned 385ha in Hiep Phuoc to relocate inner city ports

The entire Hiep Phuoc Port Industrial Zone is divided into 4 zones. Zone 1 (Stage 1 with the area of 311.4 ha) will be located in the city’s polluted relocation enterprises and industries with the large land area; The industry is associated with water transport (warehouses, ports), service industries serving industrial production and supporting industries.

Zone 2 (Stage 2 with the scale of 651.66 ha) is planned to be an industrial zone with large and concentrated land area for waste treatment (smoke, dust, water). It mainly consists of industry associated with water transport (warehouses, ports) and shipbuilding and ship repair industry for large-scale sea transport.

Zone 3 (Stage 3) is an industrial zone that attracts industries – port services – logistics, industries using advanced technology with high gray matter content, high technology, clean technology. It does not pollute the environment and is associated with maritime activities linked to port and transport as well as logistics port services.

Zone 4 (Hiep Phuoc downstream area of 384.71ha) is a port area for the relocation of inner city ports to Hiep Phuoc.

This subdivision is planned on a large scale, modern, acting as a hub for transshipment serving Ho Chi Minh City, the South East, and the Mekong Delta; Closely linked with Hiep Phuoc Industrial Zone, as a logistics site, supporting logistics port services.

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