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Ho Chi Minh City Proposed Handling Sanders

Suggestions to deal with sanders

Facing the fluctuation of construction sand prices, HCMC People’s Committee has proposed that the Ministry of Construction request the enterprises have been granted mining license for mining sand in the western, eastern and southern provinces, support to increase supply to HCMC to quickly stabilize the construction market of the city, coordinated processing well in the sand mining license, accidental sand, …

Requesting enterprises licensed to exploit sand to expeditiously carry out technical regulation conformity certification, when selling goods, they must fulfill the obligations of manufacturers and sellers and supply them together with quality management dossiers according to the provisions of the law on product and goods quality.

The city suggested the Ministry of Public Security and the Ministry of Industry and Trade prevent and deal with speculation and market manipulation, and push up prices in sandalwood business to help stabilize the current price of sand.

Suggestions to deal with sanders

The HCMC’s People’s Committee also proposes that relevant Ministries improve the legal documents, standards and technical regulations, technical guidelines and economic and technical norms for the treatment, use and accounting. Expenses related to the disposal and disposal of ash, slag, gypsum as a material for the production of construction materials and use in construction works; facilitate the use of these waste materials as raw materials for construction materials and for use in construction works.

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