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Hoang Khai Entrepreneurs Has Started The Khai Tower Project

The Khai tower

Entrepreneur Hoang Khai, who is commonly known as “Khai Silk”, has officially started the project of The Khai building in Phu My Hung urban area.

Talking to VietnamFinance, Hoang Khai said that the building was designed with a height of 22 floors, including 18,000 square meters of construction.

The project is located in Phu My Hung commercial and financial center, with a commercial area, designed according to the idea of silk. It is expected that the project will be built in 18 months with the total investment of 19 million USD.

The Khai Tower
Hoang Khai Entrepreneurs has kicked off the project of Khai Tower

Previously, in May, The Khai Tower project of entrepreneur Hoang Khai (Khai Silk) has been granted official construction investment.

On the personal Facebook page, entrepreneur Hoang Khai said that this is one of the most remarkable projects in the current market in HCM City.

The architecturally unique design of the Khaisilk Group, which was originally built on silk, The Khai Tower was designed by 18-storey architects.

As expected, the four ground floor of The Khai Tower will be the commercial center and the upper floors will be the office for rent at an estimated price of 18 USD / Sqm.

The Khai tower
Mr. Hoang Khai on the model of the Khai tower project

It is known that besides The Khai Tower, entrepreneur Hoang Khai is also deploying The Price, a 20 storey project adjacent to The Khai. And like The Khai Tower, The Price owns a unique, innovative design – like overlapping books. Both projects are considered “architectural masterpieces” in the area.

Upon completion, the project will enrich the “repository” of the unique products of Silk Revelation, besides White Palace Tajmasago, Saigon Paragon, Cham Charm.

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