Hoang Quan Support 3-4% Interest Rate For Buyer Social Housing

Hoang Quan will pay the interest rate in excess of 6% for its customers from 1-11 until the incentive package according to Decree 100 is officially implemented.

On November 22nd, Hoang Quan Real Estate Trading Service JSC announced interest rate support for its customers buying houses, applied from 1-11 until the functional agencies Social housing loans under Decree 100.

Mr. Truong Anh Tuan, General Director of Hoang Quan Company, said that when customers buy NTPXH in the project as Hoang Quan investment or investment partners have demand for bank loans at commercial interest to thanh The company will support the interest rate in excess of 6% per annum applied by the bank for commercial loans. The maximum period of support shall not exceed 15 years.

“For example, Bank A loans for buying houses with commercial interest rates of 10% / year, customers buy Hoang Quan’s interest only pay the interest rate of 6% / year, the remaining 4% / year will be Hoang Quan Company “Tuan said.

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Customers will buy Hoang Quan’s life insurance company will bear interest.

General Director of Hoang Quan Company said that since the package of VND30,000 billion with the preferential interest rate of 5% -6% for homebuyers to disburse new records, the projects have been subject to floating interest rates. , average over 10%. However, customers who buy NXXH are subject to income not more than 9 million per month so cannot afford floating interest rates on the market.

“In order to remove difficulties for customers and ourselves, Hoang Quan has applied the policy of spontaneous interest support to all customers who buy their project. There will be 5,000 applications for preferential policies from this interest rate support with the amount of disbursed more than VND2,000 billion, “- said Tuan.

Accordingly, the policy of interest rate support for customers is applied to all projects invested by Hoang Quan investment or investment.

“Customers and companies will sign interest rate support contracts. It is estimated that Hoang Quan will spend between VND60-80 billion annually to support interest rates for clients and the company will have to reduce its profit to 6% instead of 10%. It is expected that in 2017 there will be support package for low-income people buy houses, “- said Tuan.

At present, Hoang Quan has 1,735 social housing have been handed over and put into operation in Binh Chanh district. In Hoc Mon, Hoang Quan has 562 apartments are also being completed and handed over. At Ho Chi Minh City (Hoang Tan District), Hoang Quan has 718 units of investment co-operation with HCMC Housing Development Fund, expected to be roofed and handed over from the second quarter of 2017.

In other provinces, Hoang Quan has projects in Phu Tai, Ham Kiem (Binh Thuan), Binh Minh (Vinh Long), Can Tho, Tan Huong (Tien Giang). Particularly in Nha Trang, Hoang Quan has 1,002 storehouses, are under construction.

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At present, BIDV is lending with the support from Hoang Quan and has 200 pending records.

If this program is implemented as Hoang Quan announced, it is really good news for many low-income people have demand for housing. Previously, Hoang Quan also had programs to support home buyers in their projects by giving customers a temporary loan while waiting for the bank to approve the file.

The above support has made many customers have “bad cry, bad laugh” when the house was bought that bank does not browse the file. Commercial interest loans cannot pay, but return home, the loss of the stake. Even, there are customers to move in and still have to move out to return home to Hoang Quan, although the interior decoration.

In fact, the interest rate subsidy for homebuyers can cause many troubles for customers as well as investors when the subject of commercial loan package and support package has many differences.

Is this the way the Hoang Quan pushes goods out of the market without support from the policy? Do customers who buy a home with a commercial loan at this time qualify for a loan package? If not, will Hoang Quan continue to compensate interest for the entire loan?

This is the bottom line that customers need to look carefully before receiving the Hoang Quan interest rate subsidy. When the state deploys loans to buy NXXH house under Decree 100, customers are not eligible for assistance and Hoang Quan “flip over” the interest burden will make many people lose the ability to pay.

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