Hoi An cuisine – quintessence cuisine

In your eyes, what is Hoi An? A beautiful city fluttering romance with colorful lanterns hanging around. Hoi An ancient nostalgic with the ancient architecture, the village has long existed.

However, Hoi An is not only beautiful, people referring to Hoi An also think of a unique cuisine, the combination of the essence of Central cuisine and local cuisine. Learn about delicious Hoi An dishes at famous restaurants.

Big party at Le Ba Truyen restaurant:

Le Ba Truyen restaurant is located at 12 Ba Trieu, Hoi An town, Quang Nam province. Restaurant space designed with large hall, open space, spacious, airy space for more than 500 guests. Restaurant seats are designed around the green garden to create relaxation, stimulating appetite.

Big party at Le Ba Truyen restaurant:

The restaurant is famous for specialties of Hoi An

Cuisine at the restaurant famous for specialties Hoi An such as Cao Lau, Quang noodles, Dap Cake, steamed thin rice pancake with barbecue …

For the party, party for the seminar or family, the location and airy space of Le Ba Truyen restaurant is very suitable. Diners can completely enjoy the cuisine of Hoi An.

Wander the town, enjoy food at BoBo restaurant:

You can easily find Bo Bo Restaurant at 18 Le Loi, Hoi An, Quang Nam, restaurants in the center of the town and often serve tourists.

BoBo is designed with bright yellow interior painted green, is the color is very popular locals. Space design spacious, airy, comfortable seating. The restaurant scores with tourists not only by cuisine but also by thoughtful service. Each seat is near the power outlet, so you can easily charge the phone, camera equipment while enjoying the specialties.

BoBo restaurant

BoBo restaurant serves traditional dishes with top priority is delicious, ensuring hygienic food safety.

Referring to the cuisine of Hoi An, surely no one is unaware of Cao Lau. Cao Lau is a typical dish of the restaurant. Cao Lau at BoBo is made from fine rice, bean sprouts, pate bread with leaf sprigs and mint leaves. On the high floor, they added thin slices of pork, sprinkled with rice cake or rice crackers cooked delicious rice top.

Bobo is also famous for its white rose dumplings, cassava bread made from cassava chips …

Before the end of the meal, customers also enjoy coffee brand name Viet. The aroma of traditional coffee, mixed with the smell of hot butter makes the drink delicious, has an attractive taste.

Enjoy garden-style cuisine: Hoa Hung Restaurant

You can easily find restaurants at Lot 1 Cua Dai Beach, Hoi An. The restaurant is designed in a spacious garden courtyard with natural grass, next to the beautiful Cua Dai beach.

Diners can enjoy cuisine, specialties of Hoi An and enjoy the beautiful sea, harmony in the natural atmosphere of peace.

Hoa Hung Restaurant

Famous restaurant with specialties of Central Vietnam

The impression of the restaurant is in addition to good food, the way of management restaurant is very professional, dedicated service, rich menu, spacious space combined with modern equipment.

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Hoa Hung Restaurant also accepts banquet services, conferences, banquets, buffet, birthday party ..

Famous restaurants with specialties: shrimp fried cashew nuts, grilled lobster, boiled lobster …

Relax in the movie space with Café Hai

Café Hai of 98 Nguyen Thai Hoc Street, Hoi An. The shop is designed with cinematic space, soft colors combine the decorations of square bowls planted green plants, cool sand flowers grace the roof terrace. Different from other places to serve the West because of this place still keep the layout of the West very harmonious.

Coming to the bar, you will be served with rich dishes accompanied by coffee. Although chill-out music but still consistent with the ancient atmosphere of the neighborhood, a very romantic feeling, very private, very specific.

Bao Han Restaurant:

Located at the end of Cua Dai, connecting Cua Dai Beach with Hoi An ancient town, Bao Han restaurant is located at extremely convenient location for travelers looking.

Coming to the restaurant, you will be served delicious dishes such as fried rice, chicken rice, high floor, clam porridge .. specialties of Hoi An. The elaborate process, delicate, intact flavor traditional dishes ensure satisfaction for customers.

Not yet known Hoi An. Hoi An is not only poetic by its ancient character, but also has its own unique culinary background which attracts domestic and foreign tourists. Take the time to visit the famous restaurants to have a deep impression of the cuisine here.

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