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Hoi An- the convergence of cultures

Hoi An - a city of simplicity, simplicity

Previously, when Hoi An ancient town was a trading port, this place has received different cultures such as Japan, China, … This is also the place between the old and new, between technology art and life, between the noisy and the quiet peace.

Hoi An owns an ancient beauty, gentle

Not too fanciful, noisy, Hoi An simple, gently mix into a city atmosphere with slow pace, absolutely no rush rush like other cities.

Come to Hoi An ancient town in an early morning and you will really feel it all. The Hoi An area was quiet at the time, very suitable for tourists who want to come here to relax, after a hard time working, tired.

Hoi An owns an ancient beauty, gentle
Hoi An is simple, soothing to a city atmosphere

Slowly take a morning stroll on the streets filled with ancient sounds, quiet space, gentle so that you will feel more gentle and relaxed spirit. You will feel that life is slower and the vibrations are acting like a slow motion movie.

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Thanks to the favorable geographic and climatic conditions, Hoi An has become a place of “society, society, short-sightedness” and has become more prosperous and self-made. duplicate

The city of simplicity

Turn back time to the 15th century, right on the Thu Bon River, an international commercial port with merchant ships from Japan, China, the Netherlands … come here to trade, exchange goods. From then on Hoai Pho was born and operated for 200 years.

The strips of land on the Thu Bon River were only as young as twenties, still bewildered and unfamiliar, clumsy, countryside, but with a beautiful, indulgent beauty.

Hoi An - a city of simplicity, simplicity
Hoi An – a city of simplicity, simplicity

The past six centuries have created a great cross between the two cultures of East and West. The shy girls that day have become beautiful women, brighten the resin but still a little nostalgic. It seems that the girls are recreating the beauty of the grandparents, their mothers, who have tried to make the prosperity of Hoi An hundreds of years ago.

The shadow of the crowded port with romantic lantern nights of 600 years ago has now been replaced by a more casual, casual, This place has also dismissed the color, trouble.

Hoi An always kept nostalgic, romantic

It carries on itself a series of traces of chaos, war, of dying under French colonialism and even during the urbanization of the 20th century, but fortunately, nostalgic beauty, slow Hoi An’s idyllic yet undisturbed.

Even now, this place has become a museum on the street, an outdoor gallery, which preserves and preserves a lot of ancient architectural space that French, Japanese, Chinese and Vietnamese cultures have caused. erected and left here from the 17th century.

Hoi An - Where to keep the nostalgic beauty, romance
Hoi An – Where to keep the nostalgic beauty, romance

Although it must bring in the responsibility of the combination, mixed up of many cultures of East – West, but Hoi An still not disturb, patchwork, but still very poetic, very rustic, lyrical and simple .

The beauty of the essence of Hoi An

The Lantern Festival is exactly what Hoi An’s most exquisite will be performing with visitors. At night, visitors are not only witnessed, but also contribute an important part to create the atmosphere for the festival. They will be reincarnated as foreign guests in the past.

It may be a trader who stays here for a few months to wait for the wind to continue the boat, or the sailors stop to visit the port of Hoi An to roam; …. The simple things that make up the lantern town, with the desire to bring the guests stop here at the moment of rest, relax the most comfortable.

In addition, on the Thu Bon River through Hoi An, there is still a long-standing boat racing festival, repeating a busy port city on the famous Silk Road in the South China Sea.

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Hoi An has experienced many ups and downs of history. Not to mention the golden street paintings are the meeting place, there are still some relics that today also become famous places such as the bridge, the temple, ancient shrines, … Can See, Hoi An always keep and continue the traditional culture of his father.

Hoi An people are smart enough to reconcile two new and old cultures, between traditional and modern culture, to create the tranquil, deep-seated passion for tourists.

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Hoi An- the convergence of cultures

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