Hoi An with humanity, leniency in the heart of visitors

Recently, the People’s Committee of Hoi An City in association with the Hoi An Sports and Culture Center (Quang Nam province) has organized a seminar to consult the pilot project on ” Hoi An with humanity, leniency” in 2017 and replicate in the coming years.

New progress with the goal: ” Hoi An with humanity, leniency “

The project ” Hoi An with humanity, leniency ” by the People’s Committee of Hoi An City directly and by the Center for Culture – Sports Hoi An stand up to pilot implementation in some areas located in Minh An ward, Cam Pho commune with the purpose of preserving and promoting the good life of the people in the Old Quarter in terms of communication, behavior and daily activities to increase the attraction of culture and tourism Department in Hoi An.

Hoi An Resort Property

Hoi An – Where traditional values ​​are kept

The plan strives to preserve and promote a number of civilized behaviors by the end of 2017. In the sense that a ” Hoi An with humanity, leniency ” becomes a beautiful lifestyle in the community of inhabitants. some areas in the Old Quarter.

During the seminar, Nguyen An, former Secretary of the Hoi An City Party Committee, said: Hoi An ancient town has always been known as a world cultural heritage of cultural and physical culture. intimate objects. Besides the beauty of ancient architecture and culture, the way of behavior, communication and behavior of the people in the old town also dragged visitors to Hoi An more and more.

However, in order to keep up with the process of integration and development, with many different factors, so many important implications for cultural traditions are present. Therefore, the government and the local people need to bring together the cultural values ​​inherent and continue to develop it.

Architectural and cultural values ​​of Hoi An ancient town

Architectural and cultural values ​​of Hoi An ancient town

He further emphasized: “The set of criteria for dealing with 10 contents built into the project is that it still exists in the lifestyle and behavior of Hoi An people for many generations. But by the flow of time, sometimes these are covered with dust and forgotten. Now, this project will get rid of those layers, gathering and assembling beautiful and beautiful things and rebuilding into a set of criteria for behavior in the whole community of Hoi An ancient town. What is obsolete, transformed will have to be eliminated and need to retain, develop the appropriate, create the characteristic qualities of the people in Hoi An.

Bring the beauty of Hoi An people’s way of life

Hoi An from the past has been very well-off, integrated and open, they are private but not closed, never exceed the threshold. Because Hoi An is always open and integrated, when visitors to Hoi An are quickly integrated and adhere to the principles of cultural behavior of the community of Hoi An. Therefore, the set of criteria, the code of conduct is given will be both advocacy, but also the criteria required for people to work together.

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From that foundation, a four-subject building project has been adopted that expresses behaviors and speech in terms of the individual-to-person interactions. with everyone; family and society to be able to clarify the unique cultural characteristics that have long been the people of Hoi An ready to respond in time in new situations.

Hoi An from the past has been very pure, integrated and open

Hoi An from the past has been very pure, integrated and open

These contents will be developed and implemented through the “Speech or Good Practice” set of 10 very specific content and divided into three groups.

In it, the moral group will consist of four criteria: living politeness, filial piety; Take care of grandparents, parents; Respect for the deceased when meeting the funeral (must stop the car, hat-hat to bow, …); Abstinence, priority, help for the elderly, the disabled, pregnant women, children and visitors; Carrying the culture of queues at all times; Not aggressive, confusing public places; Do not disturb others; Try to do many good deeds, useful every day.

The traffic law enforcement team consists of two criteria: respect for road sections or curbs; Pedestrian Priority: Do not whistle, zoom, gauge; Do not use headlights when taking traffic on the street.

The environmental-trading-society group consists of four criteria: Do not litter and remind people not to litter. Do not break public or other people’s property. Do not strip naked, wear shorts, blazers when walking in the street, or when entering the trade. To arrange neatly and tidy the means and equipment in the places where the business is conducted in public places. Do not say challenge, trade-fraud; Do not row or pinch the buyer.

It can be seen, thanks to an Association of pure love affairs with how to deal with the legacy of the ancestors should have the precious capital of Hoi An today.

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