Home City’s Residents protested against the investor

On the morning of March 5, dozens of residents of the Home City project (Yen Hoa ward, Cau Giay district, Ha Noi) bade banners protesting investors at 177 Trung Kinh port.

This incident stemmed from a dispute over the months that have been going on in the Home City apartment complex. Accordingly, when selling advertising, investor Van Phu – Trung Kinh introduced the project is located at 177 Trung Kinh (Yen Hoa, Cau Giay). This is also recorded in the sales contract between the two parties.

Home City’s residents flocked to investor Van Phu Trung to scam customers

Home City’s residents flocked to investor Van Phu Trung to scam customers

However, when the apartment was handed over, the new residents “fell back” because essentially the 177 Trung Kinh pass does not exist. Investors blocked access and instead, forced residents to travel by an extra way to Nguyen Chanh.

As reflected by the residents, the access to Nguyen Chanh street is narrow, bent, difficult to travel. The gateway to the project here is very temporary, no clear address. In particular, because there is no signal lights between the gate and Nguyen Chanh road, the risk of traffic accidents always stalk residents. In fact, there have been traffic accidents occurring at this location when the people on the road have been driven by cars.

Consequently, residents have repeatedly petitioned, complaining, asking investors to comply with sales contracts, open 177 Central Glass. However, for a long time, the residents received only the ignorance of the owner.

Conflict between the two sides has become increasingly serious and pushed to a new height when a resident recently nearly died because the ambulance could not find the real address of the project.

Specifically, on February 16, Nguyen Thi Lam (floor 12, court V2) people have high fever, blood pressure increase continuously reduced. Although the family tried to describe the route, however, because there was no real address, the ambulance could not identify the pickup point. The emergency forced the family to notify the address at 177 Central Glass. However, when the ambulance arrives, the guard firmly does not open the door with the reason “there is no bari card”.

Due to the safety of family members, the family must drive ambulance round to Nguyen Chanh. Fortunately, the patients are promptly transferred to the hospital and treated promptly.

Bar Wench 177 Central Glass at the Home City project

Bar Wench 177 Central Glass at the Home City project

The incident of “almost died of no way” has caused the community of Home City residents can not tolerate. On March 5, dozens of residents have pulled together to port 177 Central Glass stretch blazon protest, protesting investors.

“Van Phu hangs head goats to sell dog meat, cheat customers”, “Request Van Phu to pay 177 Central Kinh for Home City residents” … from 9 am to At noon on the same day, causing a stirring up of Trung Kinh street.

Dozens of residents taunt the proprietor Van Phu to cheat on clients, demanding to return the passage

Along with the request to return the aisle, Home City residents also complained to investors about the business in the building. Specifically, the gym on the sixth floor of the V3 building has been operating day and night for several months, with loud noises, loud music that seriously affected the lives of residents next door.

In addition, residents also urged the management unit to smell stinking concentration in court V1, garbage water was not treated in court V3 … although repeated recommendations but still not thoroughly handled.

The Home City project is invested by Van Phu-Trung Kinh One Member Limited Liability Company, a subsidiary of Van Phu Invest.

The project was started construction in quarter I / 2014 including 4 buildings with 1,212 apartments. The project has now been completed and handed over to customers in the fourth quarter of 2016.

At the start of the project, the project was offered by investors with high prices, from VND27.3 to 28.7 million/ sqm. Currently, the project cost is about VND35 – 37 million / sqm.

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