Homyland 3 Apartment Peace Among Bustling SaiGon

Homyland 3 Apartment DeserveGreen Apartment among the bustling SaiGon

Between the bustling streets of SaiGon with the car horn, full of dirt, Homyland 3 emerged as a “green city” in the heart of the new urban area of District 2.Look on the project drawings and look at the reality is improving convinced that everyone will be fascinated. You cannot be disliked when the living space is covered by countless fresh trees and around where you live not only trees but also rivers, water is charming.

To say it is hard to imagine, let’s talk more about how you can better understand the Homy and 3 projects as well as the easier choice.

  1. How much building density of Homyland 3 compared to the overall area?

When implementing this project, Bao Son Construction – Transportation – Trading Joint Stock Company (The father of HomyLand 2), oriented will be the last riverside project and belongs to the highest in the HomyLand line. With the resounding success of Homyland 1 and 2, it’s clear that a good start of Homyland 3 is able to predict in advance. Many individuals, organizations and businesses have ordered apartments and villas in this project 3 and daily the number of people asking for information about the project has demonstrated it.

In terms of particularity, not only the number of apartments and the works are investing heavily, but also HomyLand 3 is prominent in creating the Green habitat without a lot of real estate projects at the same time can be realized.

If many other works, the construction density occupies the maximum area, the project HomyLand 3 completely the opposite. You will be surprised to know this number because it is only 27% compared to the total area which means 11.519 sqm compared to 31.318,17 sqm. At SaiGon gateway area you can find out a great work such as the construction area accounted for less than 1/3 overall.

We often say that numbers are always dry, but in this case, it is a “talking” figure and “talking well” is another.

  1. What’s interesting about auxiliary construction of HomyLand 3?

Auxiliary construction can be understood as parks, internal roads, sports area …When deciding to buy an apartment in a certain project, ancillary building is an important factor 2nd just behind the interior design of apartments. Because we will live and work in public space later, so this issue is extremely remarkable.

As shared on building density in projects Homyland 3 only 27%, 73% remaining area will be for many other parts in which a green park occupying a space area of ​​relatively large and the way internal rather be focus. You can imagine after hours of hard work you you will come home with cool trees, fresh air, grass plants by the river and stroll around with such a mind, and then what’s so great more?

Homyland 3

Homyland 3 deserves a green, peaceful apartment in the heart of District 2

Between the bustling Saigon, Homyandand 3 is a place for us to return to peace, because it dear close as home, equally fresh modern harmony without boring.

  1. What can you own in the HomyLand 3 project?

According to the project plan is on track to complete, Homyeland 3 will consist of two areas: high-rise and low-rise. In this low-rise area consists with 20 villas and 35commercial street house. This area is for the customer’s financial condition and desire to live in spacious class.

On the high-rises for the high-rise will be divided into 2 blocks A and B, each 27 storey tower blocks linked together by storey podium with different specialized functions. Each tower has 372 apartments so the total number of apartments in high-rise is 744 units

Depending on the financial conditions and needs as well as hobby use you can choose to buy houses in the low-rise or high-rise. For customers, they intend to buy resale should consider very carefully selected because the project is very much investors interested. You should book early to take advantage of the opportunity, because “born late” always disadvantaged than their predecessors.

For customers who purchase only to serve the needs of families, then it is extremely simple because all the apartments from small to large from the villas to town houses are appreciated in terms of architecture as well as interior.

Only a few analyzes also hard to introduce you to determine your decision so please come and see with your own eyes on the drawing or in real life then choose not late.

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