Hong Nhung Singer’s Villa – Green Forest In The Heart Of The City

Lying in the heart of Ho Chi Minh City’s noisy, crowded, but Hong Nhung singer’s house is peace and quiet to incredible.

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Speaking of beautiful house, stars certainly can not ignore the nest of Hong Nhung diva. It is still the name of the million-dollar villa, but instead of the luxury, the dignity of ancient French architecture or New Classics, we are again immersed in the space of beautiful, simple and traditional home of the northern countryside.

The beautiful space of Hong Nhung – green forest in the heart of the city

The first impression when looking at the beautiful house of singer Hong Nhung, it is a blue color from the outside of the gate, clinging to the paths and then dive into the interior space, everywhere is the tree. In a crowded city like Saigon, finding a house like this is not easy at all.

Villa of singer Hong Nhung

The wall surrounding the house is covered by lizards

Villa of singer Hong Nhung

The living space is filled with green grass and green grass, separated completely from the outside rhythm of the outside

Villa of singer Hong Nhung

Everywhere you see greenery – like a fairytale forest

Like many beautiful houses of other stars, wood is also the main material used in the design. However, unlike the usual elegance of polished wood panels carefully painted and polished, this beautiful spacious home looks something old, tinged with timidity and strangely calm.

Villa of singer Hong Nhung

Still wood, still the paint, but not modern but slightly nostalgic

Villa of singer Hong Nhung

This quiet space is where singer Hong Nhung can comfortably relax and do yoga after hard working days

Beautiful house visitors can also easily recognize the traditional architecture of the Red River Delta thanks to the tilting roofs or large wooden pillars in the house. All of them were placed by the singer from the North and carefully transported into the South.

Villa of singer Hong Nhung

Roof tile tilt – typical of traditional architecture in the North Delta

The interiors blend modern and traditional

If we look from the outside, we can see the beautiful house of stars is very ancient, solemn but the interior is not so. Still a simple, close look but with the combination of modern style in a very subtle way.

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Villa of singer Hong Nhung

Living room space impresses with a set of sofas that you will never find in a traditional North Vietnamese home

Villa of singer Hong Nhung

The side corner is a rest chair and a piano, where its owner can fall into his passion for music

Villa of singer Hong Nhung

Meanwhile, the bedroom is more traditional

Villa of singer Hong Nhung

The shoe cabinet is quite simple and neat

Villa of singer Hong Nhung

The kitchen area is pretty

It can be said to singer Hong Nhung, the house is not only a place to stay but also a place for the soul to be pure, free-flowing all the confusion of everyday life. This is also a great idea for those who are in need of the beautiful home. Read also do not forget to wait for the star of Mogi’s beautiful house in the next post!

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