Housing for professionals: Orientate real estate investment committed to profitability

Except HCMCity, Most of the localities have large industrial zones, especially Nhon Trach … the supply of high-grade houses for professionals is always in a state of scarcity.

It is the scarcity of open real estate investment opportunities to bring business to this market.

Expert housing is still a “rare commodity”

According to the head of HR department of a Vietnamese-Japanese joint venture company in Nhon Trach 3 IP, the company has a team of foreign experts working in Nhon Trach but still have to stay in Ho Chi Minh City. Although there are many inconveniences and loss of travel costs but because of not able to find suitable accommodation for professionals so the company has to accept the rent to live away.

This is the general situation of not one but many other industrial zones in Nhon Trach. The demand for living standards for foreign experts is still a “rare” concept in the Nhon Trach real estate market. The main output except the current situation that most experts working in the industrial zone around the city choose a plan to buy or rent a house in Ho Chi Minh City.

Expert housing is still a "rare commodity"

Expert housing is still a “rare commodity”

According to statistics, Nhon Trach currently has more than 5,000 foreign experts working in industrial zones. This figure is expected to increase sharply as industrial zones attract FDI. Therefore, housing for professionals is a real need and should be well planned because this is often the object of high demand. Specifically, the investment in real estate for professionals must be synchronized in terms of infrastructure, security, quiet, and full of services and facilities inside.

It is the state of scarcity of specialist housing has turned this form into a potential segment, open to the opportunity to bring about a stable profit. Recently, when traffic conditions between Nhon Trach – Ho Chi Minh City, Long Thanh airport  changed positively, many real estate investors have started to turn to luxury products for professionals, foreigners.

Potential investment opportunities

According to the survey, apartment for rent, townhouses in the city. HCM is in the range of $ 1,000 – $ 2,000 per month. In Bien Hoa city, the average rental price from $700 – 1000 / month with luxury apartments. Also in Nhon Trach, Hiep Phuoc, Long Thanh … and areas with many large industrial zones, the average rental price is also 15 million per month. Although the demand for real estate is high, this form of investment has not been paid much attention by real estate investors.

townhouses in HCM City

Rental price of apartment, townhouses in HCM City ranges from $ 1,000 to $ 2,000 per month

At the moment, the business of renting houses for experts is Thang Long Home – Hiep Phuoc project invested by Thang Long Real Group. This project is aimed at customers who are experts, senior experts working in industrial zones.

Overview of Thang Long Home - Hiep Phuoc

Overview of Thang Long Home – Hiep Phuoc

This project has a size of about 9.8 ha with 227 garden houses linking commercial buildings. With the criterion of building a professional community for experts, the project has devoted 70% of space for green space and many other advantages in the area such as commercial center, pool overflow, park, amusement park,  golf course

Thang Long Home - Hiep Phuoc project for 70% green space

Thang Long Home – Hiep Phuoc project for 70% green space

It was announced in the context of Nhon Trach’s scarcity of expert projects and the ownership of the prime location on Ton Duc Thang Avenue (the key route connecting eight major industrial zones), Thang Long Home – Hiep Phuoc are quickly bought by buyers, seeking real estate investment opportunities with the type of housing for professionals.

It is forecasted that this high-end project will bring immediate profit thanks to the abundant housing demand from the team of 5,000 foreign experts and staff in large industrial zones in Nhon Trach.

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