How do drivers not sleep when driving?

Black box management is still pretty lax, formal and can not be dealt with directly when the driver is moving.

In order to manage the driver’s running hours, the authorities and the transport units are dependent on the cruise control equipment. However, the management is still quite loose, formal and not checked, handled directly when the driver is moving.

Running time management is the responsibility of the transport business unit.

Running time management is the responsibility of the transport business unit.

Responsibility belongs to the business unit

Tran Quang Binh, Transport Department – Vietnam Road Administration, said that according to Article 14 of the Government’s Decree No. 86/2014 / ND-CP, the State management of transport activities, the operation of transport business units and the provision of police and inspection services upon request. At the same time, transportation business units must arrange personnel to monitor and exploit data in order to serve the management and operation of the units.

Thus, the transport business unit must immediately monitor and rectify the cases of driving violations in the process of operating the transport activities of their units. Especially the case of driving speed violation, driving time prescribed and device interruptions cases.

For the management of the State Road Administration Vietnam has provided three accounts for the Transportation Department to update and exploit data from the system serving the management of local transport operations. . Including an account provided to the traffic inspection force, this account can look at the data of the entire vehicle in all provinces; To provide accounts for car terminals nationwide (around 541 bus stops) for inspection and supervision of means of transport.

When the driver is over four hours, the cruise control device will alert the driver to the sound.

When the driver is over four hours, the cruise control device will alert the driver to the sound.

Violators, badges and transportation business licenses will be revoked. Accordingly, the Departments of Transportation will carry out data extraction to remind, rectify and handle violations according to regulations.

The GSHT will alert the driver to the sound

According to the National Technical Regulation on Automobile GSHT, each driver must have an identification card attached to the reader of the GSHT on the car before driving on the road.

The information on the card includes: the date, the starting and ending dates for each driver, the driver’s name, driver’s license number, vehicle license plate number and continuous driving time.

For drivers who control the vehicle for more than four hours, the GSHT will sound a warning. Typically, this warning is given 5 to 15 minutes before the full four-hour drive to ensure the driver does not break the driving time.

However, GSHT equipment is only a technical tool to support the management and supervision to a certain extent. To strictly comply with the provisions of the law on transport business and ensure traffic safety, it must be combined with other management measures. In that role and responsibility of transport business unit is very important.

The driver must know the amount of power

Nguyen Van Thanh, Chairman of the Vietnam Automobile Transport Association, said that according to the Law on Road Traffic, the working time of motorists must not exceed 10 hours a day and can not be driven. car for more than four hours. But not at the right time, the driver can rest but also depends on his health.

“Accordingly, in order to avoid the unfortunate event, the driver must first protect himself, not work over time, especially not because of pressure, which leads to painful accidents” said Thanh.

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Mr. Thanh also said that according to Decree 86 on business and conditions of transportation business by car, transportation units must have traffic safety monitoring and processing information received from GSHT equipment. of the car. Should the vehicle violate the speed or the driver overtime, the business owner must be the responsible unit.

“Currently, vehicles that run more than four hours will be warned by GSHT. If the transport business is not interested in this equipment but the type of response is not … It must definitely deal with the driver and business violations, “- said Thanh and said that besides these regulations , The State should exploit GSHT equipment and sanction more violently for violating enterprises.

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