How Do You Design Interior Bookcase Luxuriously In The House?

Bookcases integrated with furniture, such as wardrobes, TV racks … bring visual aesthetics and classic lines are an indispensable detail for those who like orderliness.

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However, after buying a home, deciding on the interior of your bookcase which can cost you a fortune, and the placement of your bookcase is enough to make your headaches because they are not easy to move.

So why not make a “fictional” integrated bookcase?

Some bookcase design tips will turn simple bookshelves or cheap bookcases into luxurious and noble furniture, in harmony with your overall interior design. In addition, you can dismantle and move them in a flash. Here are some ideas that Vietnam Real Estate likes.

Add decorative molding for cabinet furniture

Adding decorative boards to a bookcase can greatly enhance the value of your simple bookshelf, and it is easy to see who can tell whether this is Integrated -bookcase or bookcase. Pay attention to the color of the bezel matching the color of the wall, which will give them a more dignified look.

Interior design of bookcases in the home

Wall decorations will turn any cabinet into a “royal”

Arrange cabinets around the house architectural details

Every room has an entrance and a window. Why not take advantage of the space of these openings to build a spacious bookcase surrounded?

Interior design of bookcases in the home

Build a bookcase that surrounds an existing architectural detail

Use the lights above the bookcase

Do you know the lamps used to illuminate the paintings in the museum? Use them to illuminate your cabinets. This will make them look and emphasize the value of bookshelves.

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Interior design of bookcases in the home

Your bookshelves are illuminated by a spotlight that looks as luxurious as a masterpiece

Combined with another interior detail

Do you have a gap in your home without knowing how to decorate the interior? Let’s put in a low cabinet and on top of it are the shelves for the minimalist books. Between the two walls, looks like this layout is as natural as any professional interior design hand?

Interior design of bookcases in the home

Simple bookcases and shelves fill the empty space of the house

Turn the cabinets into walls – wall cabinets

You can find out how the kitchen cupboard below has transformed into a kitchen wall that is airy, tidy and much more modern.

Interior design of bookcases in the home

Walls like cabinets, cabinets like walls

After consulting the layout of luxury bookshelves, many people think that the quality of the books you read is still the most important, the design of the bookcase is only a side. Know that good wood than good paint, but beautiful paint will honor the wood, which is a beautiful house, buying a house or selling the house is easy.

So please enjoy the most modern interior decoration in your house!

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