How Is Bedroom’s Feng Shui Important?

Bedroom’s Feng Shui is very important to our lives. Sleeping helps us to rest not only physically but also mentally. A good night’s sleep can be very useful for us, because when we sleep, it is time for the body to regenerate the energy we have consumed in the day, by working, thinking, worrying, exposing …

In addition, a good night’s sleep helps us to improve our memory, to increase our ability to think, to help us make better decisions that lead to success in life.

Speaking of feng shui bedroom designs, let’s first look at the shape of the bedroom first. In today’s modern life, many homes that, when built for convenience, have added bathrooms and toilets in their bedrooms.

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And in most cases, the bedroom will be L shaped because of the bathroom and toilet next door. Thus, when bringing the Eight-Sized Plan into the bedroom, it will be missing one or two bows.

While we take care of the direction, the design of the house to feng shui, this unfortunate convenience has accidentally ruined the good steps outside. So, this case has two ways:

How is bedroom’s Feng Shui important?

The bedroom plays are an important role in feng shui.

1- If you have not yet built, but want to make more bathrooms and toilets in the room, please calculate that the shape of the room is still square, full, no corner.

2- If you have already done, then the horizontal bar to cover the room back to rectangular shape balanced.

When designing a bedroom should also note some of the following restrictions:

– Bedroom opposite the main door: If you have just entered the main door to see the bedroom opposite, the bedroom door also turned to the main door, then in this room: Homeowners will lose energy, or feel tired, and have more thoughts about sex.

– Bedroom under the crossbar, beams on the ceiling: These beams generate very strong pressure on the living air in the room. If the horizontal bar on the bed, the person who sleeps on it often suffer from headaches, easy to lose sleep, indigestion.

If the sparring is divided into two beds, it is more dangerous for the couple, because it is a symbol of separation, the couple will disagree and lead to separation not far.

– The bedroom does not have a bathroom and toilet but the walls are turned in that direction. The human body consists of a large part of water, in this case, the gas in the body is susceptible to the movement of water around the bathroom to attract, creating an imbalance in our bodies.

After a brief glance at the shape, a location of the bedroom, let’s go into the details. The first and most basic rule for a bedroom is that it must be in. Because the bedroom is resting place need quiet, but Yang is dynamic, Yin is pure.

Because of this characteristic, one should not let television, radio, MP3 player … in the bedroom, because these are dynamic; On the other hand, their electromagnetic fields interfere with the magnetic field in our bodies, causing our sleep to be interrupted.

Let’s look at the bedroom as a divine space, because that is where we spend all our time unconsciously, leaving the world of reality to go into other dimensions.

How is bedroom’s Feng Shui important?

The bedroom is a resting place that needs quiet, but Duong is dynamic, New is pure.

Do not let the bedroom accumulate negative yin energy, bad smell (This sound is air, not negative energy); Put your dirty clothes in a neat place, the dirty clothes contain the most and most diffused sound.

Do not leave the miscellaneous furniture below, above or beside the bed. Do not turn the bedroom into a storage room, because then, the gas will be stuck, squeezing makes the person sleeping in the room feel stuffy, susceptible to insomnia.

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Talking to the feng shui bedroom is indescribable to the location of the bed. That’s where we directly lay up. About the placement of the bed, it follows some basic principles:

  1. Bed should always look out the door, please set bed in bed so that people can always see the door.
  2. Bed compartment facing directly to the room door. Because here, a vatality room will be very strong, causing us to sleep.
  3. The bed should be placed in the correct direction of the person lying on it. The best way to sleep in the bed is towards life. If not, choose one of the other three directions that suits your destiny well enough.
  4. Avoid bedside set back window. If you can not move the bed to sleep, then close the window and pull the curtains cover.

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