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How Is Gem Riverside Nam Rach Chiec Life?

Today, when you learn about an apartment project to buy in or inves. In addition to factors such as location and quality of living environment, a project is equipped with the internal utility and outside facilities system around the project are always important factors to take money of customers.

The following article, we would like to give our opinion about the internal utility and the outside facilities system of the Riverside Gem Project – a new apartment product line of land Dat Xanh investor.

Some strokes of the design of the Gem Riverside Nam Rach Rachiec project

Gem Riverside apartment project of Dat Xanh Group is located right at the front of Long Thanh – Giau Day Expressway and at the heart of the South Rach Chiec urban area, which is a high-class product in the apartment building project district 2. This is the second key urban area in the east of District 2 in Ho Chi Minh City after the new financial center of the city, Thu Thiem

Gem Riverside is one of the apartment projects of Green Land Investor, the entire project is designed to be a corner of the European city miniature, luxurious, modern, inspirational. Each apartment is designed to optimize the use area, natural sunlight, bring a fresh air, cool and comfortable living environment.

Gem Riverside’s internal utility system

Gem Riverside project of Dat Xanh Investor is designed and built internal utility to meet the full of needs of customers such as: physical training, spirit, shopping, fun Play, entertainment, daycare, community living room:

Commercial center, shophouse system is always ready to serve the residents from the needs of shopping from essential goods to high-class goods, fashion items, accessories… Coffee shop serves the demand for food, residents can have fun, eat with their friends and relatives in these areas.

The Gym, Yoga is designed to be extremely airy, has pool view and full of equipment for the needs of physical exercise, training to improve the health of residents.

In the internal project area, it has a walkway and park along the Giong Ong To River, to walk or run along the river is available each morning and late, after-hours with friends, relatives and respire fresh and cool air, the feeling will be wonderful, full of energy. In addition, in the riverside park, residents can play sports such as badminton, yoga, ice ball … is also very appropriate.

Green Land’s investor understands the worry of the young family with children when to send them in nursery school is not safe guaranteed. Therefore, we have designed kindergartens in the internal project area, which makes it extremely convenient for families have young children to send and receive them.

Another interesting is the spill pool designed in longitudinal among the apartment towers, it’s a cool place for hot summer days or to satisfy hobby of swimming for residents in this place.

Outside utility system of the Gem Riverside Nam Rach Chiec

Owning a prime location at the heart of the South Rach Chiec center, Gem Riverside has inherited all the benefits of the surrounding projects and the infrastructure has been developed synchronously. Within 1 – 3 kilometers, there are a number facilities such as: markets, supermarkets, commercial center like: Parkson, An Phu Metro, Vincom Mega Mall, Big C supermarket and Coop Mart supermarket. International schools bring the leading international education to their children such as: The Australian International School, The British International School, The American International School and The German International School… The international hospital’s system such as: Thao Dien International Hospital, Family Medical Pratice clinic, Phuc An Khang international hospital, Hoan My international hospital…In the near future, only 3 minutes, the residents have come to the Nam Rach Chiec complex sports center has an area of up to 180 hectares with a full range of football, water sports are built to cater for international events such as Seagame.

It can be seen that the Gem Riverside Nam Rach Chiec project is fully equipped with local amenities. And thanks to the favorable location in the area is planned and developed in a comprehensive, synchronized. In the future, residents will enjoy the most comfortable living environment.

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How Is Gem Riverside Nam Rach Chiec Life?

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