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How Is Melosa Garden Designed?

The design of Melosa Garden is a modern and precise style. It is the combination of European and Asian style designed by international and domestic designers. Customers will feel comfortable and pleased with the appearance of the apartments.

A house not only is a living place but it also a place showing occupant’s style. Khang Dien investor invests in the design of any details of the apartment carefully and meticulously. It is the priciest when designing the apartment.

The design of Melosa Garden

When you look at the design of a house or an apartment, you can guest characteristics of the owner. It is not only the minute details but also the harmony of nature and furniture to create an aesthetic view. Each apartment is designed one ground floor, two floors, one garage and tempered glass for a balcony.

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The design of whole of area

The project includes detached villas semi-detached ones, and many row ones.

The design of the furniture inside an apartment

Entering the apartment, you will be losing in a strange land like a wonderland. You will separate yourself from noisy outside, relax your mind the spacious room, and enjoy anything in Melosa Garden.

Melosa Garden
The living room of Melosa Garden is beautifully decorated

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How Is Melosa Garden Designed?

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