How Much Is The D’Edge Thao Dien’s Price In The Segment Of Luxury Apartments?

Capitaland Luxury Suites named D’Edge Thao Dien has just launched the market on July 16, 2017 with the sale price of VND  63-85 million / sqm. According to real estate experts, this is considered high price in Thao Dien area.

Is the price of D’Edge Thao Dienapartment too high?

D’Edge Thao Dien apartment project (originally named Sensation Thao Dien) is a super apartment complex on Nguyen Van Huong Street, Thao Dien Ward, District 2, Ho Chi Minh City.  D’Edge Thao Dien apartment is inspired by the symbol of Singapore which is the world’s most luxurious building Marina By Sands such as large riverfront, level planning, airy and unshielded the apartment view

Currently, high-end apartments for sale in District 2 are priced at VND38-60 million/sqm, luxury segment is selling at VND 65-75 million/sqm, typically with Nassim project of Son Kim sold for VND 65-70 million / sqm.

Price statistics for some typical projects in District 2:

  • Thao Dien area: VND 35-55 million / sqm (luxury apartment), VND 65-80 million /sqm (luxury apartment)
  • An Phu-An Khanh: VND 32-55 million / sqm (luxury apartment)
  • Thu Thiem urban area: VND 55-75 million / sqm
  • Binh Trung Dong-Binh Trung Tay: VND 23-30 million / sqm
  • The urban area of Rach Chiec Bridge: VND 32 million / sqm

In the segment of luxury apartments in District 2, D’Edge is a name that can be compared to other projects such as Empire City, Eco Smart City, Waterina Suites … Empire City price reached VND 70 million / sqm, Waterina Suites (Thanh My Loi, District 2) is 86 sqm with the price VND 6 billion / unit. So, with the expected price of VND 70 million / sqm, D’Edge Thao Dien is considered one of the heavyweights in the luxury segment market. With this price strategy, Capitaland once again confirms the potential audience they are aiming for, and faithfully reflects the quality of the 10th apartment following Feliz En Vista and D1Mension.

D'Edge Thao Dien project

The price D’Edge Thao Dien as high as the project segment

It can be said, D’Edge Thao Dien owns the price is not low, ranging from VND 63-85 million / sqm, not any customer, any demand can buy. D’Edge is a luxury project targeted at the affluent, foreigners and high-income groups in Vietnam, looking for a comfortable living space.

Investors do not open rampant sales, not run by the number of apartments, the ultimate goal that Capitaland is targeting is the standard of modern living space-architecture-close to nature. With only 273 apartments in 2 Aire and Breze towers, of which more than 100 apartments have been sold in foreign markets. This shows that Vietnamese customers owning this apartment must be upper-class families.

Why is D’Edge Thao Dien high selling?

The reason for D’Edge Thao Dien high price because of its outstanding features in terms of location, apartment design and luxury real estate brand.

D'Edge Thao Dien project

D’Edge Thao Dien is one of CapitaLand’s outstanding projects in 2017

Value comes from location

Located right on Nguyen Van Huong street – Thao Dien center, D’Edge possesses ideal features such as:

  • The living environment is quite fresh by being surrounded by Sai Gon river, across the river is Thanh Da peninsula – the green lung of the city, living space quite quiet and fresh.
  • Located at the gateway to the East, the ability to connect to the arterial roads and surrounding areas is quite easy.
  • The project is located in the area proposed by the city to prevent flooding during heavy rains. In the short term, the flood control center places the drainage system at every rainy season in order to relieve the pressure of flooding. In the long term, the drainage system will be renovated to serve Xuan Thuy – Quoc Hung – Thao Dien – Nguyen Van Huong.

Value comes from CapitaLand real estate brand

D’Edge Thao Dien is the tenth project of CapitaLand, one of the largest real estate corporations in the world, listed at its Singapore headquarters and 40% held by Temasek Holdings.

CapitaLand projects have been completed and handed over: The Vista (HCM), PARCSpring (HCM), Mulberry Lane (Hanoi), Vista Verde (HCM), The Krista (HCM).

CapitaLand projects are under construction: Kris Vue (HCM), Seasons Avenue (Hanoi), Feliz en Vista (HCM), D1MENSION (HCM), D’Edge Thao Dien (HCM).

D'Edge Thao Dien project

D’Edge Thao Dien is the tenth project of CapitaLand

Value comes from inside the apartment

D’Edge’s difference comes from the design of the apartment. The landscape cares for every detail. The large green umbrellas cover the surroundings, providing a comfortable and peaceful living environment. More than 70 natural facilities are integrated within the project campus, the most outstanding of which is the overflowing roof-top pool connecting the two towers, designed in the direction of Singapore’s famous building, Marina By Sand, bring to life experiences which few places have.

273 luxury apartments are waiting for the owner. The semi-official opening event took place on 16 July, 20177 accompanied by extremely favorable pricing and gifts. Contact Vietnam Real Estate for advice and apartment choice.

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